How to Get More SEO Value from your Nofollow Links

How to Get More Value from your Nofollow Links cover

The presence of nofollow links is important for your website, as they help generate more traffic to your pages. This makes them a very crucial element in your link building campaign and helps your SEO. It’s ideal to get the most value out of these links, which is why they are essential to any website.

With this in mind, here are some things that you need to know about nofollow links, along with some great strategies that you can utilize effectively improve your overall campaign.

Nofollow Links

Nofollow Links

A nofollow link is a type of link in a web page that a search engine does not acknowledge. This means that the authority and rank of the web page will not be affected by those links. Nofollow links help prevent spam and low-quality web pages from spreading and has also helped user-generated content gain more traffic as well. You can use a plugin in your browser that detects nofollow links in a page and highlights in dotted box. Here’s what it looks like:

nofollow extension screenshotThen, you can check the underlying code to see if it’s really a nofollow link.

rel nofollow screenshot

A good number of websites today apply nofollow to most of their external links. These links still hold value, as they allow potential visitors to enter a certain web page, which in turn increases traffic for that specific page. Some instances where nofollow links are usually used are:

  • Social Media Profiles: Any link posted in these accounts are nofollow links, and these include your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts.
  • Article Sources: Some articles cite their sources from other websites to provide proof and credibility to their content. It’s important to remember that most of these citations are nofollow links. However, this is effective in increasing the traffic that goes into the linked page or cited source.
  • Forums/Communities: Websites like Quora or Reddit contain numerous content that users openly submit a post. Some of these content contain links to the user’s website or any other website that they might have cited. Forums like these usually nofollow these links.
  • Comments: Some websites allow users to give their insights with regards to the content, which provides solid user input to the site. Any links that are in the comments section are nofollow links, which makes sure that the website does not follow any unwanted links that may affect overall page quality.

Effective Strategies to Boost the Value of Nofollow Links

Nofollow links help with connecting users to different kinds of content on the internet. Here are some strategies or best practices you can use to help give it even more value.

Utilize the Power of Social Media

Most people nowadays access the internet using their mobile devices, such as phones and tablets. This has made content much more accessible and convenient, which makes nofollow links very important. For example, if you have some published content that you would like other users to see, like a review or a blog, you can post the link on a social media website, like Twitter – even if the link is nofollow.

Nofollow Twitter screenshot

You can also utilize the hashtags of Instagram, which would help people associate your links with your content. This works handily on current news and even the latest events. Social media has the power to spread and promote your content to a wider audience, so use it well.

Republish your Content on other Platforms

There are many different platforms where you can publish and distribute content, which makes it essential for you to diversify and expand your existing platforms. Simply put, make use of different platforms in your niche to republish content.

For example, if you published an article in a news site, you can republish it on a different site as well, provided that no one claims exclusity towards that certain article. While doing so, you can link it all back to the original post, which helps promote your content and through the effective use of your nofollow links, increase traffic to your page. This is similar to promoting your content across different social media accounts – which will not hinder your SEO.

Make use of Quora Contributions

Quora is a great source for a wide variety of inquiries that range from various topics like entertainment, education, sports, and much more. A good number of these inquiries have seen some helpful and positive responses from users, some of which have external links that help the users. These external links are examples of effective nofollow links, which can help users access different kinds of content around the internet.

Nofollow Quora screenshot

Low-Popularity Blogs

While they may not generate as much traffic as their high-popularity counterparts, comments on low-popularity blogs are great sources of good nofollow links. The reason is that your links are seen as more authentic and reputable, which would add even more value. This can also lead to different users citing your content and looking at you as an important source for their topics.

Key Takeaway

Nofollow links are essential when it comes to link building and SEO, which is why using these strategies would definitely bring about more positive results to your website and content.

Nofollow links would not transfer any link juice, but it still does an adequate job on increasing the traffic a page receives. Also, clicking the link is only the first part of the user’s journey in your page/website, it’s your job to make them stay in your page and make them a loyal follower. Giving your nofollow links more value, ensure that you would be getting a good amount of traffic to your webpages, and improve your SEO goals.

If you have any questions or insights about nofollow links and SEO in general, leave a comment below and let’s talk.

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