Using for Content Management has become one of the most effective SEO tools in our toolbox, as it has a wide variety of features that makes it feel like you are using more than one tool. We have done reviews for SERPED itself, along with a guide on using it for keyword research, yet there are still some features that we can still cover. If you want to try it out for yourself, here is the link to their website.

This is indicative of how much of a quality tool that is, giving us the best value for our money. If can be used for keyword research, it also can be used for content management as well. Content management is usually the next step after searching the right keywords for your website, as it help prepare for the creation of blog posts and landing pages. With that in mind, here is a simple guide on using for your content management needs.

Looking for your content

Creating and managing content begins with keyword research. Looking for the right keywords is a challenge, as you would have to find the right balance between searchability and competitiveness. He have covered in detail how to use SERPED for your keyword research needs, and the features allow you to be able to look for the best keywords, and see how it stacks up from the competition.


Once you have found the keywords for your website, the next step is to find the best kind of content that would benefit your users. There are some questions that you would encounter when doing this, which includes the following:

  • Where can I find possible sources for my topics?
  • How can I track and manage my content in WordPress?
  • Would I be able to restore lost content?
  • Can I check the grammar and quality of my content?

All of these questions would be on people’s minds when thinking about content management. Thankfully, all of these questions can be answered using by using specific features.

Content Curation


Content generation can come off as a challenge at times, especially in blog posts and landing pages. aims to make content creation quicker and more efficient with their Content Curation tool, which automatically generates posts based on your keyword, along with images, videos, and related news.


As you can see in this example, I typed in “SEO” and instantly got a post about three types of SEO services, which is an informative article by itself. While having the ability to automatically create your own content seems like something great to have, it is still best to write your own content, and only take inspiration from the Content Curation tool.



Along with automatically generated posts, also provides you with image and video sources that you can use for your post. This makes looking for reference material much faster. You can also get news articles as well, although you might need a more specific search term to be able to find the right articles.


After editing the post and placing the image and video, you can conveniently post the article on your website. All you have to do is to fill up all the criteria needed before having it posted. This feature may not be as efficient and effective compared to writing a post, but this enables users to be able to smoothen their content writing process, and be able to instantly access a wide source base.

WordPress Manager


If you have an established website that contains a high amount of articles, it can be tasking to monitor and update these posts without the right tools. With that in mind, has a plugin tool called WordPress Manager, which helps you keep track of all of the posts in your website using a single interface. All you have to do is to download the plugin and install the plugin into your WordPress site. You would also be able to see all of your websites that have the plugin installed, which means that you can track all of the posts in a single place.

Grammar Checker


Grammar checking software is heavily used within our content management teams, and ensures that are articles are well written and edited during the whole process. Looking for quality grammar checking software might take time, and some ask users to pay premium rates for their services. Thankfully, has a Grammar Checker that enables you to edit your posts instantly.

Along with the regular grammar checker itself, you also can also have your article checked in Copyscape for plagiarism checking. After editing the article, all you have to do is to copy and paste it wherever you wish to do so. Most grammar checking software would simply give you corrections, meanwhile makes sure that your entries are authentic and sound enough to be published.

Site Restorer


When content in a website gets deleted, it can be a challenge to retrieve it without the right tools. Site Restorer is a feature that allows you to be able to retrieve different versions of your webpage, which allows you to pick which version would you like to restore. You can also use Wayback Machine to track down archived webpages, which is reliable when it comes to looking for older websites. Site Restorer is an effective and reliable tool that makes sure you would not have problems looking for previous versions of your website.

Key Takeaway continues to be one of the best SEO tools available, as it offers the most variety at a solid price. With this guide, you would be able to utilize the tool for your content management needs, and be able to create high quality content that would generate high traffic.

If you have questions about SEO tools or SEO in general, leave a comment below and let’s talk.

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