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Among SEO Hacker’s ever-growing toolbox, there are numerous tools in there that specialize in one specific function. Some tools specialize in keyword research, some in content assistance, others in tracking a site’s performance, and much more. However, we found out about SERPed and its capability of being an all-in-one SEO tools suite, and we just had to try it.

Tools like SERPed can greatly help your SEO campaign as they make things more organized, accessible, and efficient. Here’s what I think about it.


Serped Login screen

Before logging into your account, the home page shows how much you and your company will be able to save by using SERPed. The tool advertises itself to be the do-it-all SEO tool that you would be able to rely on, which means that you would no longer have to download other SEO Tools. For $79 a month, it looks like a great deal

Serped DashboardUpon logging in, you would instantly go to your current project. From here, you can access the different sites and tools that SERPed has to offer. Let us navigate each part.

Sites and Tools

Serped Sites

The sites section allows you to navigate through the different domains that you are currently working on. You also have the option of adding a new site or even create a new project altogether.

Serped Tools

The tools section is where SERPed gets its money’s worth. You have all the things that you would need for your SEO and link building campaign, all in one convenient location. Here is a brief rundown of all the tools that SERPed has to offer:

  • Keyword Research – This tool allows you to be able to look for the right keywords for your SEO campaign, as you would be able to see how they rank up, and how competitive the keyword is.
  • Domain Research – This allows you to explore different domains on the internet, and gives you important statistics and data, like domain age, backlink data, and social metrics.
  • Domain Finding – This tool is the best way to look for the domains you would like to analyze and monitor. You can also look for available domains and see their prices, and expiring domains that would be available for purchase.
  • Site Manager – The site manager is where you would be accessing your projects, which would help you see how the domains are doing. You can also use the web analytics tool to see how they rank in search engines and use goal tracking to see if a domain is reaching certain milestones.
  • Rank Tracking – An effective SEO campaign needs results to back things up, and rank tracking allows you to see how well your keywords are doing locally and internationally. You can also see how well you are doing on sites like YouTube and Amazon as well.
  • Client Acquisition – If you are looking for prospective clients for your SEO and link building campaign, this tool would be able to help you contact them. You can explore and contact clients across different countries, and help them with their SEO campaign.
  • Other Tools – Along with all of the tools that have been mentioned, SERPed also has other reliable tools, that can help you, especially with content and blog management. The content curator and restorer allows you to manage and explore different articles in a blog, while WordPress Manager allows you to access all of your blogs in an instant. Lastly, there is also a grammar checker app, which comes in handy if you are writing and editing your content.

Next, let us focus on the Site Management and Domain Explorer Tools, which can be considered as one of the best parts of this do-it-all tool.

Site Management

SERPed Sites ManagementUpon entering the Site Management page, you can instantly see all of the projects that you currently have, along with some information like IP address, Domain and Page Authority, Moz Rank, Backlinks, and Social Metrics. You can also sort each of your projects by alphabet, or by their metrics and SEO rankings.

SERPed Projects PageIf you click one of the projects, you would be able to see even more data and other important pieces of information. These include keywords and rankings, and you can access different tabs.

SERPed Sites Statistics

On the Site Statistics tab, you get a very comprehensive list of data, which include keyword search volume, Moz and Majestic data, and keyword count and density.

Serped Backlinks Profile

The Backlinks Profile tab shows you charts which show you the SERPed Rank Breakdown, Domain Age Breakdown, and the Alexa Rank Breakdown. You can also view your anchor text cloud as well, and see the sites that are linking your domain.

SERPed Competitor

The Your Competitors tab shows you how you are stacking up with the similar companies in your field. This would help you track the progress of your competitors while helping you assess your own progress.

Serped SEO Review

The SEO Review tab is basically a detailed, yet concise report of your project. This would help assess the steps you need to take your SEO campaign further, as you are able to look for those specific details that would help you improve.

Site Explorer

One of the updated, more recently updated tools of SERPed is the Site Explorer, which has become more streamlined to make it more user-friendly.

Serped Site Explorer

Once you enter a domain, you get an overview of the domain, along with other relevant statistics. The sidebar on the left helps you access these data without the need of having to scroll down the whole page. Along with this, Spam Analysis has also been added, which helps eliminate unnecessary links and help evaluate potential links.

Serped Spam Analysis

As you can see, SERPed gives each domain a spam score, which shows how at risk your domain is from “spammy” links.

Serped Link Velocity

Another important part of the Site Explorer is the Link Velocity. This shows you how many links you have for each month which helps you with your link building strategy. The Site Explorer is your quick access tool which would help you get a quick look at how your SEO campaign is doing.


With all of the tools available in a single place, SERPed is definitely that one place for all of your SEO and link building needs. While some tools only have a specific number of functions, and can only gather a limited amount of data, SERPed allows you to access many kinds of data, which helps you analyze and assess all the numbers that you need to know. If you are looking for an affordable and multi-faceted SEO tool, you can’t go wrong with SERPed.

Key Takeaway

Versatility is the key in today’s technology, which is why tools like SERPed is a welcomed addition to the list of effective SEO software. Its features allow you to not only access data, but also assist you with tasks such as site analysis, and content management. With all of the SEO tools out there, I can say that SERPed is simply one of the best.

What do you think about SERPed? Tell me your thoughts in the comments section below.

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