TechSEO360: The SEO Hacker Review

TechSEO360 Review

We have had a good number of SEO tool reviews done this past 2017. We’ve had versatile tools such as, website auditing tools like SEOmator, conversion rate tools like Omniconvert, keyboard tracking software like AccuRanker, and versatile language processing tools like Wordlift. These excellent and dynamic tools have become important parts of our expanding SEO toolbox, and have made SEO in 2017 a better experience for us.

Another SEO tool that has been introduced to our team is TechSEO360, which is another versatile tool provides you with features such as keyword optimization, sitemap creation, link analysis, and fast site crawling. With all of this features in one single tool, this is a tool definitely worth a review to see how it holds up with the rest of our arsenal. Before we begin with the review, I would like to invite you to try out TechSEO360 for yourself by going to their main page, and downloading the tool itself. You will be able to access all of the features for free for a 30-day period, which is enough time to see how it holds up on your end. Without further ado, here is our review.

Website Scan

Website Scan

The first feature that you’ll be seeing after logging into the tool is the website scan. The scanning is simple, as all you need is to type in your domain address and start scanning. You can also navigate between crawler options and various filters to be able to scan more specific details for your website. This wide variety of crawling options help you get all the necessary data that you need to see how your website is doing.

Website Scan Progress

After having our website scanned for 10 minutes, I was able to get a sizeable amount of data with regards to the amount of external and sitemap URLs, and jobs that are present in the crawler engine. The longer you would scan your website, the more crawl data you would be able to obtain, which can help you monitor your leads, traffic, and other information related to your website. After scanning, you can analyze your data further using the analysis tool.

Analyze Website Data

Analyze Web Data

This is the section that allows you to look at all of the links and pages within your website. You can also view your website through the tool itself, acting like a mini-browser that let’s you navigate through the internal and external links.

Website Extended Data

If you want to take a closer look at the links themselves, you can click the extended data section and get a closer look. You would be able to see all of the links and their anchors, and even know if they are follow or nofollow links. This feature helps you check if all of your links are working, and makes looking for broken links much easier than before.

On-Page Keyword Analysis

Analyze On Page Keyword Analysis

Along with website and link analysis, TechSEO360 also allows you to analyze al of the keywords present within your website. It would track how many of these keywords are present, their weight, and the overall keyword density. This would help you see how well are your keywords performing, and if the density is too high or too low for certain keywords.

Keywords and Lists

Keywords and Lists

Another important keyword research feature is the keywords and lists section. This allows you to create and combine your own keyword lists. This allows you to focus on the keywords that you are using and help you get a better picture on how to get them to rank higher. For our clients with a specific keyword list, this comes in really handy as you would be able to monitor all the right keywords, without having to manually browse through anything.

Online Tools

The online tools section will check if your website currently has some active tools present. This can be evident when you use a WordPress website, as they would be able to detect various tools that are being used. This would let you know if the tools that you are using are active and working on your site.

Create Sitemap


Site mapping is an essential SEO practice, as you are able to help create listings for web crawlers, which you can then send to search engines to improve your craw rate. Once you have gotten your website scanned, you will be able to create multiple file paths for different site types. Like the previous parts of the tool, you can adjust and filter your settings to your own preferences. This allows you to create a customized setting for each of your client’s websites

Create Robots

Create Robots

If your site does not have crawlers, which affect the visibility of your website, this tool allows you to create robots for your website to increase the number of crawlers. Creating robots using TechSEO360 is simple and quick, only needing you to create a .txt file, and click one or two of the available options. After creating robots in your site, you can use a Ping Sitemap to monitor your progress.


Sitemapping and web crawling is one of the most important elements of SEO, and TechSEO360 is a tool that allows you to make this process much more efficient. Along with improving your website’s crawl rate, you would also be able to audit your website, and see if all your internal and external links are working fine. If you are in a need of a website analysis tool, then TechSEO360 is a must have in your SEO arsenal.

Key Takeaway

2017 is a strong year for SEO tools, as we have seen some of the best and most efficient tools available. TechSEO360 is no exception, as it is another tool that SEO specialists would use to their advantage.

If you have questions and inquiries about SEO tools, and SEO in general, leave a comment below and let’s talk.

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