Benefits of Using Trend Data for Content Marketing

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Content Marketing is a world in itself. For content to win the hearts of its audience, you need to consistently pull people into that world of stories you share with a purpose. Content needs to have the ability to be an enigma, subtle but aggressive. One of the things you could do to achieve this is to listen to the pulse of your audience and you can do that by taking advantage of data you can see through their searches.

Trend data helps you see what people are interested in during a certain period of time. Knowing how the keywords you have in mind fare in terms of interest over time will definitely help you achieve wins through your content. Fortunately, you can use a handful of tools that can let you do this and more.

Direct Strategizing in Content

Having a tool that can help you target specific terms and direct approaches to content marketing can help you a great deal. You see many articles about content strategies but some of them are just going to lead you astray since you will find that their methods just go in circles with no direct-to-the-point goal.

In collaboration with SEMrush, I was given the opportunity to try out their tool, so I can test its capabilities for my clients. Rest assured that this is my own opinion and in no way paid by the said team. Since I am writing about trend data here, I went on over to SEMrush’s Keyword Magic Tool. Here is a preview:

semrush keyword trends

As you are presented with tons of choices for keywords, you can also magnify a specific term so you can see its trend data and other pertinent features. Once you click on a particular keyword, the tool will take you to this dashboard:

semrush trend data

The nifty tool is the perfect partner for content marketing since you have many options to choose from in terms of the keyword choices that you have in mind. The keyword variations, questions, and related keywords are geared towards the total volume in terms of user searches so that’s a plus if you are looking to find out how people are gaining interest in relation to your content. This helps you widen your approach to content and how you can market it accordingly.

Their trend data is found in the upper right corner of the dashboard. Although it is a clear metric as seen here in the dashboard, it would be nice if the trend data can be adjusted to a chosen period of time since the existing data is for the last 12 months only.

Improve your interlinking structure

Having new keywords that satisfy your requirements for trends also needs for your internal link juice to be updated. Scout relevant anchor texts and edit your interlinks so that each post will supplement each other. Trend data can also help you create consistency in your content that you can do while organizing interlinks.

Site structure is important in improving user experience so if people are comfortable navigating your site, this will translate to better reception of your content.

Optimizing for BERT

The BERT update is one of Google’s algorithm that targets content, specifically how authentic and conversational your content is. This is another benefit that you can get once you are mindful of trends and data pertaining to your content since knowing the data beforehand can help you form content as naturally as possible.

Inserting keywords as seamlessly as possible, this is a goal that content marketers should know like the back of their hands by now. Having trend data at your disposal helps you do this and maintain relevancy at the same time since you can be confident that the terms you are using can serve as answers to your audience’s questions. This is also an important benefit of using trend data for content marketing because you would know if people are searching for it in real-time which will judge the weight of your content to fit their interests. Here is the Google Trends Data dashboard:

google trends data

Specific queries require a broad approach for content so knowing the user’s interest over time will help you cater to this method. It can also help you level a playing field on your competition and see what would work to best cater the audience you serve in that industry.

Effective Content Augmentation

Relevancy is one of the best areas to target in content marketing. Trend data can help you take your previous content, the ones that are turning stale, and revive it into content that your audience will enjoy. Having data at your disposal can help you augment your content better, which is a wasted opportunity for most content marketers. Take a look at pages that have reached their peak before but are falling short now and transform it into something fresh.

This will rack up traffic to your site since it shows that your content is keeping up with people’s interests. It is important that you always take the initiative to be in the forefront in answering user queries. Content Augmentation will help you achieve greater heights for your content so if you are not doing it now, I suggest you start doing so.

Key Takeaway

Trend data may seem like a vanity metric for some, but as specialists, it is important that we know how to take advantage of opportunities for growth. Since the world of search is ever-changing, it is vital that you know the work that cut out for you. I encourage you to explore more ways on how to upgrade your content. As you may well know, it is the foundation of SEO so quality is imposed for this pillar function.

I would like to hear from you. Do you see value from trend data for your keywords? Comment down below!

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