5 Reasons why Linkbaiting is the way to go

Linkbait typesI’m sure as an advanced SEO practitioner, you’ve already heard of the term “LinkBait” one way or another. There are practically millions of ways to build links as an SEO practitioner. Linkbaiting is just one of them. My favorite one.

If you’ve been practicing SEO for quite some time, you’d know that linkbuilding is probably the hardest, pain in the ass work that you need to do. And you’re right. In fact, it is so much a pain in the ass that so many SEO practitioners are left confused as to what linkbuilding method is still effective.

If you ask me, the most effective method would be linkbaiting. Why?

You don’t have to ask for it

Yes creating a linkbait is hard work – but when you think about it, grinding for links is just as tasking as letting your creativity and hard work do the link building for you. When you grind for links and e-mail other websites for links, you have to research related, authoritative websites and ask them for links one by one compared to just creating a linkbait, putting it out there for the world to see and waiting for people to link to you.

It skips the research and studying of related, high PR and authoritative website and it definitely beats sending lots of e-mails asking webmasters for links to your site. It also showcases your skills to the world – which, if you’re lucky, would hit the gold mine. Y’know, get the attention of big companies or other successful individuals.

It’s all one way

Linkbaits attract links from people. Obviously, when people just link to you because of your great stuff, the link is one-way (which is much, much, much better than reciprocal linking)

One way links give all the juice to you and Google will see that and recognize your site as a website wherein all the links point to you – without you having to point back out.

There’s no catch

When you’re linkbaiting, there is no condition. There’s no catch. You don’t have to pay for anything or do anything in order to get links for your site. It comes naturally. You don’t have to reciprocate the links, nor pay for the links, nor write a review about other sites, etc.

It’s all you and you have no condition. What a way to go. You can just keep trying til you become successful in linkbaiting.

The bait goes viral

When you’re linkbaiting and people link to you in their social network accounts it has a big chance to go viral. You all know the power of Facebook and Twitter right? Yeah. That’s it. Use that.

Linkbaits have the power to go viral while grinding for links will just make you crawl your way up the Google SERPs.

You have nothing to lose

If your linkbait doesn’t attract links then just make a new one and try to put it out there for people to see. If it doesn’t work, try again. You’ve got nothing to lose. You’re not paying for it anyway. You’re not getting penalized for it. And you’re especially not going to lose links when you do it.

Tips for Keeps: Cook up some creativity. Stir up some hard work. Do a little research and give people what they want and/or need from your site then links will just keep popping out of nowhere.

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