SEO Hacker Roundup: Best SEO Articles 2019

2019 has been a great year for our team here at SEO Hacker. Our team grew further and has reached higher heights this year and there are no signs of slowing down. And thanks to you, our readers, the SEO Hacker blog continues to thrive.

This year brought a lot of great news and discoveries for the SEO industry which has led to great content. Now that the year is ending, it is a great time to take a look back at our best articles for the year and gear ourselves for what’s to come in 2020.

A Close Look Into the Google January 2019 Algorithm Update

A Closer Look into the Google January 2019 Algorithm Update

2019 started off with a bang as SEOs welcomed a new year with lots of volatility in the search results. While this algorithm update was unconfirmed by Google, many SEOs experienced fluctuations in their rankings and traffic. Similar to the Medic update in 2018, e-commerce and health websites were the ones that were impacted the most.

You Might Be Affected by the Google Search Console AMP Crawl Bug

In February, our team noticed a huge influx of AMP crawl errors in Google Search Console and many more SEOs were experienced the same. In a statement that they released, Google confirmed that this error was on their end and it was caused by a bug.

The error didn’t last long and Google was able to release another statement that the bug was fixed and the AMP crawling should be back to normal. But this became big news as many SEOs experienced a huge drop in their mobile traffic. 

Google Launches March 2019 Broad Core Algorithm Update

In March, SEOs experienced a huge fluctuation in traffic and rankings. SEOs flocked to Twitter to ask the Google Search Liaison about the update and they confirmed it! Or that’s how it sounded…

How to Optimize Your Google Discover (And Why It’s Important)

How to Optimize Your Content for Google Discover

Google Discover is a mobile platform where Google shows users relevant content based on their interactions online or the interests that they choose to follow directly. There was no way to know if you are getting traffic from Google Discover until it was added in the Google Search Results under Performances. Google Discover is another platform for webmasters to attract users by providing relevant and evergreen content.

SEO Audit 2019: A Comprehensive Guide

SEO audits is a part of an SEOs daily life. However, no matter how many times we do it day by day, we keep on missing some of the things we need to optimize. In this guide, I wanted to make SEO auditing easier for SEOs and even non-SEOs by providing a step-by-step checklist on how to do it.

Google Announces Broad Core Algorithm: June 2019 Update

SEOs would usually speculate that there is an algorithm update when there are irregularities on their website traffic or rankings. But on a rare occasion, Google announced that it released a broad core algorithm update last June 2019.

How to Recover From Google’s Broad Core Algorithm Updates

Every time broad core algorithm updates are released by Google, there is no specific word on what are the things they tweaked because broad core algorithm updates improve many ranking factors.

New Website SEO: A Comprehensive Guide

Starting a new website is less intimidating when you know how to lay the foundations of SEO and it is crucial that you start off well as it could take you to the path of either profit or loss. I highly recommend this guide to new SEOs and even non-SEOs.

How to Track Outbound Link Clicks with Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager could do lots of things for you aside from organizing your tags and one of those is to track the outbound links on your website that users click. It is a great way to study user-behavior, find out what links users to exit from your website, and the location of links they usually click. It is valuable information that allows you to better optimize your website and keep users engaged.

Everything You Need to Know About Nofollow, UGC, and Sponsored Links

In September, Google announced the addition of two new types of links: User-Generated Content and Sponsored links. This was one of the biggest news of 2019. While the announcement was big, the effect is yet to be felt. It will take time for the whole internet to adapt to these new link attributes and this guide should give you a headstart.

How BERT Affects SEO and How you Can Optimize for It

BERT is another huge announcement made by Google this 2019. This roll-out helps Google better understand the relationship of each word in a user’s query. This rollout impacted 10% of all the queries in Google when it was released and it is not yet known if Google plans on releasing this to all of the queries. It is quite difficult to understand the technology behind BERT but what you have to understand as an SEO is that this is a step by Google to do a better job in serving relevant search results to users. 

SEO Tips: Upgrade your Content Strategy with NLP


NLP or Natural Language Processing is the process used by Google’s systems to understand human language. With Google launching BERT as a technique to further improve NLP, it would be important that you understand what it is and apply it to your content strategy.

The Ultimate HARO Guide for Brands and SEO

HARO is a platform that allows SEOs, webmasters, and business owners the opportunity to get their brand and website mentioned on high-quality websites. HARO is one of the best ways to get high-quality links in today’s SEO and the best way to get online PR.

Key Takeaway

Looking back, 2019 was a great year and I’m really proud that SEO Hacker continues to be a go-to blog for people looking for SEO news and tips. I plan on continuing relevant, informative, and fresh content for the readers and I hope to help more webmasters achieve better visibility online.

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