SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting Course

What’s the difference between SEO Copywriting and Copywriting? Is there a difference in Content Strategy? A difference in the style of writing? Where do you draw the line? What makes each one significant?

This is an up-coming course for SEO School. The contents of which, will be published weekly as lessons and may change overtime.

SEO Copywriting is an art and science developed as a skill of a person who has all the three SEO necessities in tact – Writing, Marketing and Technical. I consider it one of the critical skills you must have if you are going to start doing SEO for a company or for yourself. This is where I started out.

In this course, I will differentiate SEO Copywriting from the usual copywriting. The lessons will also cover you how to do the little differences that make it powerful and critical.

Lessons include:

This is a HIGHLY recommended course. Learn this, and you can be a full-fledged SEO in no-time. I just also want to point out that the notion “SEO Copywriting is writing for the search engines” is definitely not true. You are still writing for people but are MINDFUL of the search engine’s favor of optimized content. There’s a huge difference between those lines – which will be uncovered as we go through each lesson.

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    I will check this out for myself. I hope that I get to learn from this!

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