A Look at Google Assistant’s New Features

A Look at Google Assistant's New Features

Google Assistant has been one of the apps that have seen the most updates this year, especially with the company’s increased focus on developing and improving AI technology. While the ability to be able to allow Google Assistant to conduct phone calls and tasks independently may not be available just yet, the new updates help make Google Assistant more effective and user-friendly.

Along with improving the user experience, new features have also been added as well, allowing more tasks to be accomplished through voice commands. Here are some of the features worth taking a look, and how they affect the overall user experience.

Booking a Ride

One of the newest Google Assistant features is perhaps one of the most useful, as users are now able to book a ride on their ride-sharing apps with just a simple voice command. Currently, some of the ride-sharing apps compatible with this feature include Grab, Uber, Lyft, Ola, and GO-JEK.

Google Assistant Book a Ride

Since there are multiple ride-sharing apps available in numerous locations, Google Assistant will be able to compare the prices for each, allowing you to pick the most cost-efficient option. I tested this out a few times, and it works pretty well, as Google was able to recognize my destination instantly.

Having this feature comes in very handy, as commuting and traveling means having to regularly use these apps. This new feature also comes in very timely next to the Google Maps update that aims to help commuters, as you would be able to travel smarter than ever before. Ride-sharing apps have become more widespread recently and being able to book rides on the go helps make the process much simpler.

New Design and Functions

One of the major updates of Google Assistant is the new redesign on mobile platforms. This redesign aims to improve the user experience, making controls and features easier to see and use. The new design incorporates bigger visuals to allow for easier usability, which makes the experience better for people of different ages and works as an accessibility feature as well.

Google Assistant New Sliders

Along with enhanced visuals, users can now access new sliders and controls for their home devices. This provides more control over devices such as lights, speakers, and other devices around your home. Smart appliances are becoming more common in households around the world, AI assistants such as Google Assistant aim to provide users with the ability to control devices in a single location.

More tool access for brands

With visuals being more enhanced, some brands are now given the tools to be able to enhance the viewing experience and provide more effective search results. This means that some brands would be able to present thumbnails of their products, preview GIFs of videos, and even larger images to provide users with a better visual idea of what they’re searching for. This can be noticeable for various sites, as the image and text sizes have increased by a certain amount.

Google Assistant Brand Tools

This is not only helpful for promoting products or media, but it also helps brands lead users into media that they would want users to access. This, in turn, helps improve their traffic and search presence as well. In a world where voice search is becoming more widely used, it surely helps to optimize your keywords and websites for it to take advantage of the rising number of users.

Personalized interface for Android

Google Assistant Personalization

Android users have an extra new feature on Google Assistant, and it allows them to view a personalized interface where you can view weather reports near the area, relevant news updates, and even videos or blogs you might be interested in viewing. Google has been focusing on personalized search results that cater to user preference, and seeing this new feature rolling out on Android is a great first step in establishing personalized preferences on the platform.

Key Takeaway

Google Assistant has become one of the most effective AI assistants thanks to numerous updates that continuously optimize its functionality to be able to perform tasks with a few commands and become a dependable voice search platform. More updates are bound to come Google Assistant’s way very soon, which means a new set of functions to try out, and more user-friendly systems to make it even more accessible.

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