How does Google Panda Update affect Social Media?

Panda update social media

I’ve been talking quite a lot about the Google Panda update recently. I pointed out how it would affect your SEO, Linkbuilding, and what you can do if and when you are unjustly affected. For this entry, I want to point out what effects it has on social media.


Putting all your Eggs in one Big Basket

Some of the websites affected by Google Panda update suddenly realize that they have been relying on Google for traffic too much. Now that they have dropped in rankings, they’re hanging on loose ropes. They’re trying everything they could to get back in the game.

The reason behind this is that Google can be too good a source for traffic. It just comes naturally when you have searchable content. Unlike when you’re trying to haul in traffic from social media, you have to constantly work for it.

What happened in the Google Panda Update? Now people realize how harsh Google can be. And you can’t blame them – they’re only doing what’s right in improving their search algorithm to serve end-users better.

Turning your heads

Now social media has caught more attention than ever. With the loss of great, consistent traffic, you need instant ones to patch it up. What better way to get instant traffic than social media?

Advertise in Facebook, blast links in Twitter, start conversations, run contest campaigns, etcetera. These are what we call ‘work’ but it can hook you some serious traffic if you’re doing things right.

Social media can capitalize on what has occurred with Google. I’m sure other companies would turn to social media for emergency help as they see holes and gaps in their traffic like never before. It has been a major, serious move for Google – and they’re risking the possibility of some of their market falling into the hands of their main competitor in the web, which is Facebook.

My take on the update

Business will be business and interest in people is what matters. I think Google did a major move in the chessboard as they implemented this update in their algorithm. The good thing about it is that they made the move keeping the end-user’s interests in mind. In the long-run I think that is more valuable than hauling in money from retaining search engine love with the big companies.

If ever they lose some of the big players to social media, I think it’s perfectly fine. As long as they serve up what the end-users want and need then they’re playing the game to win.

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