How Google Has Updated Voice and Exact Search Terms This 2018

How Google Has Updated Voice and Exact Search Terms This 2018

Google’s search engine has been at the forefront of the changes made by the company this past 2018, with algorithm updates aiming to optimize search results on both the local and international level. The impact of these algorithm updates has been felt by numerous websites around the world, with some experiencing a surge and drop in rankings in the past few months.

These updates have also helped important types of search, and these include voice search, along with exact search terms. These two types of search have become more common this past year, with the former being bolstered through the use of AI Assistants like Google Assistant. Exact search terms, meanwhile, have become a preferred way of searching by most users, as it helps them look for quality search results more efficiently.

Back then, these types of searches were not as common, with voice search being only a niche feature, and with most SEOs avoiding exact search terms for their websites. However, with today’s set of updates, they have now gained more importance, and have now become a more common occurrence on search engines. Here’s how Google made voice search and exact search terms more important in 2018.

The rise of AI Assistants

One of the most important factors that contributed to the increased use of voice search and exact search terms were the emergence of AI Assistants. These assistants have the ability to be able to accomplish various tasks requested by the user through a diverse array of voice commands that can be recognized. Examples of commercially successful AI assistants include Apple’s Siri, Bixby, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google’s Google Assistant.

When it comes to commands, AI assistants can execute tasks such as open and close apps, set alarms and reminders, start a phone call, send a text message, and even play music and video. With Google announcing that they are planning to enhance their AI technology in the near future, we might also be able to see more AI assistants capable of more complicated tasks, such as interacting with humans through phone calls and be able to execute tasks independently without the need of further supervision.

Google Assistant

Along with this myriad of tasks, AI assistants also have the ability to conduct a voice search. Google Assistant will be able to recognize various user questions and inquiries. For example, I can ask Google Assistant to look for shopping malls near my area, ask for the schedule of the next sporting event, or even ask for some interesting historical trivia.

When it comes to conducting a voice search, exact search terms have proven to be more effective in generating good search results. This led to numerous websites crafting voice search terms, with question-based queries being the most common. Voice search optimization is something that websites and businesses should be aiming to do more, as it is a new way of helping users discover more using search.

Google Ads

Google Ads is the new rebrand of Google Adwords, which has helped enhance and refine one of the most popular digital marketing tools. One of the new updates of Google Ads provides an upgrade to the exact search matches. This update aims to make sure that these search terms on ads would be would using similar search queries as well. The old version did not have this feature, which meant that users would only see the advertisement when the exact term would be entered.

The update covers various possible words and phrases related to your exact search term. This makes search more versatile and flexible, along with being more intelligent. While the update is relatively new, there has been a significant boost on clicks and conversions, which means that exact search terms are now more effective than before.

Algorithm Update and Local SEO

Local SEO has been greatly impacted by Google’s recent algorithm updates, with local search terms becoming more searchable than before. With mostly YMYL sites being affected by the August algorithm update, most businesses were able to take advantage of it, and reach higher search rankings. Content quality was also emphasized in the latest update, definitely rocked a good amount of rankings over the past month.


Local SEO has also greatly benefited from voice search, as AI assistants are able to provide recommendations of businesses and establishments within the area that you are in. With the increasing number of local businesses worldwide, this local SEO boost comes in very timely.

Key Takeaway

Voice search and exact search terms have now become more important over the past year, with the latest Google updates aiding in its increasing prominence on search engines. This also means that new SEO strategies can be developed, along with making the local search much more effective.

If you have questions or inquiries about voice search or SEO in general, leave a comment below and let’s talk.

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