A Guide to Using Google Dataset Search Beta

A Guide to Using Google Dataset Search Beta

Datasets have become increasingly important over the years, as they provide comprehensive periodical data that can be used by multiple academic, government, educational, and research-based organizations. Statistics provide a quantitative outlook into various projects, competitions, or research work, and helps determine its success and faults.

Datasets are very much available and can be found using search engines. With the abundance of datasets, it is only fitting that Google releases a version of their search engine that specializes in looking for these valuable pieces of data. Google Dataset Search aims to make looking for datasets much more efficient and provide data from different parts of the world. This new search tool from Google is still at the beta stage, with more updates and user input is taken into consideration on the possible improvements. For now, here’s how Google Dataset Search works, and how you can find different kinds of datasets.

Starting up

Google Dataset Search

Searching on Google Dataset Search is the same as conducting a regular search query as you would only need to enter your search terms and then search away. What makes Dataset Search different is that it is much easier to be able to look for more exact search terms.

Google Dataset Sports Search

For example, you would be able to find datasets of sports statistics in a certain season just by entering the sports league, the stage of the competition, and the season or year you want to see. While the amount of data presented may still need a few updates, you can see that Google plans to make sure that it would be possible to find more unique datasets in the future.

Further exploration

To see how effective the current Dataset Search is, let’s search datasets from different sectors. Let’s start with some international GDP datasets.

Google Dataset Search GDP

As you can see, Google Dataset Search focuses on statistics and data-based websites, which means that you are ensured that you would be getting data from credible websites.

Google Dataset Google Scholar

One notable feature that I noticed was that I am able to view related articles and research from Google Scholar, which gathers around scholarly journals, theses, and articles from various websites.

Government reports and statistics are some of the most search pieces of data on the internet, and with Google Dataset Search, you would be able to access different government websites and view data such as, financial reports, population census, weather reports, and other important statistics that can be used for research.

Google Dataset Search Government

This makes it a great way to search through .gov websites, as most of these websites provide the best statistical data for their respective countries.

Google Dataset Search SEO

When it comes to SEO analysis and strategy, looking into Google Dataset Search will provide you with some interesting datasets related to SEO. While the number of datasets present is still limited in the beta form, users would still be able to look into valuable data that can prove to be very useful.

Overall, Google Dataset Search is a tool that has high potential to become a very effective research and data gathering tool. With its ability to be able to gather credible websites and data, researchers, students, and specialists alike would finally have a search tool that focuses on statistical data, which helps promote and push for more quantitative research projects in the near future.

Key Takeaway

Google Dataset Search looks to be another important search tool in the near future, as it gives users a new way of searching for more data on the internet. While this is still in the beta stages, upcoming updates would help it become one of the best Google tools around.

If you have questions and inquiries about Google Dataset Search and SEO in general, leave a comment below and let’s talk.

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