Optimize Your Instagram Marketing with These Strategies

Optimize Your Instagram Marketing with These Strategies

Despite being one of the “younger” social media sites, Instagram has become one of the most popular platforms. With millions of active users, among them some of the most popular brands and personalities, it has become a viable marketing tool that can become viral with the right strategy.

After being integrated into Facebook, Instagram has gotten much bigger, which made a lot of big brands to take notice of its potential to capture the audience’s interest. The impact and importance of Instagram as a marketing tool have been well-stated, and there are a good number of ways you can make it work with your brand. Here are some of the most effective strategies you can use to optimize your brand’s Instagram account.

Take Advantage of Instagram Stories

A feature that allows users to post photos and short videos that last over a 24-hour period, Instagram Stories has now become the most used feature in the platform. This helps keep users updated on current events and happenings of their fellow users. For digital marketers, this is a powerful tool that can be used to help promote their brand using the platform.

The current edition of Instagram stories has added features like polls, live video, GIFs, a “swipe up” feature, and more filter options that allow for more creativity. Numerous brands have taken notice of this wonderful feature and have used it to promote things such as upcoming and current events, new products, or important announcements.

There are many examples of brands using stories as a part of their digital marketing strategies, such as Papa John’s and PlayStation.

Papa John's


As you can see from the two examples, they used their Instagram stories for announcements such as discount codes and video game releases. One of the best things about using Instagram Stories is the fact that these posts expire after 24 hours, which means that there is less clutter and utilize regular posts on different matters.

Another great thing about Instagram Stories is the ability for users to send in their messages, and the option to swipe up to access certain pages. The convenience of sending in messages directly allows your brand to be able to respond to various inquiries as soon as soon as your story has been posted. The “Swipe Up” option allows users to visit different web pages, which is a great way to increase traffic to your main website.

Overall, using Instagram Stories is an effective way of marketing your brand online, and increase audience engagement and traffic.

Instagram Live Video

The number of live video streaming platforms have increased over the years, with the likes of Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter all offering live video services to their users. Not to be outdone, Instagram has Live on Instagram, which allows you to stream videos live from your account.

Starting a live video is as simple as creating a story, all you need is a stable network connection, and then you’re set after a push of a button.

Live on Instagram

Upon starting, Instagram would notify the followers of your account, which helps increase the number of viewers who can interact with you, which can also help in spreading the word to their fellow users. Live video can be used in different events like press conferences, announcements, and even concerts. While it may be simple in design, Live on Instagram allows you to start live videos in an instant.

Optimize Hashtags

Like Twitter, Instagram makes use of hashtags, which is a way for users to search for content that they are interested in. When it comes to the number of hashtags in a single post, it is best to choose the best ones that would make your content easier to look for.


Ensure that the hashtags are related to the content that you would be posting, as you would be able to attain your ideal target market, which generates more interactions and traffic. Just remember, the more focused your hashtags are, the better.

Optimize Your Bio

First impressions always count and having a good one always bodes well for a lot of brands and people. This is why it is important to make sure that your Instagram bio represents what your brand is. You can put a short description of your products and services which helps your audience know what you offer.

IG Bio

Some accounts change their description for various announcements, which is one way users are informed or access more content beyond the accounts itself. Whichever method you choose, it is best to keep it concise yet useful.

Local Optimization

Location is another way for users to discover more content on Instagram, and it is best to take advantage of it. Applying location tags would help inform your users where your brand’s store or office is located, or where an important event is. There are brands on Instagram that offer quality products and services but do not get high conversions simply because users do not know where their establishment is located.

IG Location

Similar to local SEO practices, it is best to input the location of your brand to increase searchability. It is also worth noting that clicking on the location not only allows users to view content from that location but also links you to Google Maps, which allows you to know the directions going there. For establishments, this is a helpful and handy feature that would help more people go to you.

Key Takeaway

Instagram has become a powerful social media platform that can be used for digital marketing and socialpan> media management. With the right strategy, you would be able to create viral and high traffic content that would bring in more conversions and interactions. With these strategies, you would be able to make full use of your Instagram account and create content that can get viral.


If you have questions and inquiries about Social Media Management or SEO, leave a comment below and let’s talk.

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