This Tool Makes Finding Influencer Emails Easy

One of the most important skillsets that a content creator must possess is the ability to communicate with other content creators and webmasters. Talking to other people with the end goal of link building has never been easy as you have to meet some of their requirements while making them more interested in what you offer.

Before all of that, however, is the challenge of looking for their contact details in the first place. Some websites have their contact details posted on their page, such as SEO Hacker’s own “Contact Us” page but other websites will not have their contact details posted freely.

Luckily, we have just the tool to make that process as possible.

The service or website that we are reviewing today is called Findthat.Email and the people behind this website brand themselves as “The Yellow Pages of Email” as they allow content creators and link builders access to their database of “email address of decision makers [from] millions of companies worldwide.”

Findthat.Email is a straightforward service. You enter an influencer’s email as well as the company or website that they represent and then the website spends a few seconds to look up their contact details. I can’t emphasize how easy that was. The best part about this is that the website allows you a few free sample searches on the main page.

Here’s an example:

This screenshot was taken directly from their homepage and the sample person I tried to find was Bill Gates of Microsoft. While Bill Gates may not exactly be the ideal example of a hard-to-find person, the example is still a good enough one to demonstrate what Findthat.Email’s service is all about.

I tried looking for other less exposed influencers and impressively enough, the website gave me what I wanted.

What They Offer

  1. Search/Verify – Findthat.Email sifts through a huge chunk of data freely available on the internet and delivers results – all in a matter of seconds.
  2. Bulk Search – Another nifty feature is having the ability to search in bulk. Simply upload a list of people and the service will look through their database and will simply notify you when the search is done. No limit was ever explicitly specified but we did try at least 10 at one point and the search was done in a matter of minutes.
  3. Chrome Extension – One of the best features of Findthat.Email is the ability to have it installed on Google Chrome. It makes finding prospects on any social platform easy and in an instant. We didn’t really focus on this aspect of the tool when we tried out the tool but we were plenty satisfied with the extension. It also helps that it’s really easy to install.
  4. Integrations – Ok, this is quite frankly my favorite feature. I’m all about using a lot of tools and Findthat.Email allows you to sync your contacts with your other tools such as Salesforce, MailChimp, Zoho CRM and PipeDrive to name a few.

They promised these four points right on their homepage and quite frankly, I think they delivered just enough for me to be satisfied but it does leave much to be desired. My team’s reaction is a little bit mixed, however:

Their number one problem with the tool is that it requires both the influencer’s name as well as their domain. Their point is that isn’t that what the tool was supposed to do, to help them find the person that they need to contact? After testing out the tool for myself, I found their worries to be valid. In the end, we agreed that the tool is better suited to confirm a domain’s credibility so long as the prerequisites are met, namely, the First Name and Last Name of the influencer as well as their Domain’s Name.

Well to be fair, Findthat.Email did market themselves as the yellow pages of emails so they at least got that part down.

They listed down other problems but most of those have been resolved with Findthat 2.0, an update the website rolled out recently.

Key Takeaway

I think that Findthat.Email is a pretty useful tool but it could be so much better than what it is right now. I think that it’s for the best for you to experience for yourself. I think that it’s a good tool that can be used to augment what you currently have and it’s best used simply to confirm a domain’s credibility.

Luckily, Findthat.Email is free to try. While the features are extremely slimmed down in the free-to-try version, it is still sufficient enough for you to form your own impression on the tool.

I wouldn’t actively recommend this tool to more experienced link builders and content creators but it is a good enough place to start if you’re a beginner or a link building enthusiast.




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