How to Track Google Images Data Using Google Analytics

How to Track Google Images Data Using Google Analytics

Google Images is one of the most popular visual search engines and image archives on the internet, with millions upon millions of images available for users to view and download. Over the years, numerous updates have been rolled out to optimize its services, with the most recent ones being the removal of the “View Image” button and the addition of web page titles on images.

With the latter update, this helped turn Google Images into a site that helps generate traffic to various websites. This means that users can get a meaningful amount of traffic with the right image optimization. This makes this kind of traffic worth taking a look at Google Analytics, where users can get more information. Until recently, tracking traffic from Google Images using Google Analytics tends to be a challenge, as you would have to go through different referral paths just to find out if your traffic came from Google Images.

Thankfully, the latest Google Images update makes tracking traffic much more efficient and convenient, as you will be able to do it in just a few clicks. Here’s how you can do it too.

How to Track Traffic from Google Images

Google Analytics is one of the most effective website analysis tools around and is very simple to use when you know your way around it. While using the tool for the first time can be overwhelming at first, a few go-arounds and some guides will help you find your way pretty easily. Our team uses Google Analytics on a regular basis, which means that we all have people to go to when we have questions and inquiries about Analytics.

There are two ways to track traffic using Google Images, and both ways are pretty simple to do when you know where to go. Here’s how to begin doing the first one:

To begin, click on Acquisition, then click on All Traffic.


Next, click on Source/Medium, and would be able to look for traffic that’s coming from Google Images. This section allows you to view organic and referral traffic from various sites, including Google Images.

Images Results

The other way to view your Google Images traffic data is by going to Referrals, which is below Source/Medium. This section is different, as it presents you the URLs of the websites where referrals to your site come from. This allows you to directly view the sites that give you traffic, which can be very useful in link building strategies.


Using these two methods helps give you the data you need and show if your traffic from Google Images impacts your overall search traffic.

Key Takeaway

Google Images has become one of the best sources of traffic, as it enables users to discover various websites through quality images. With the current Google Analytics update, tracking traffic has now been made easier and more convenient.

If you have questions about Google Analytics and SEO in general, leave a comment below and let’s talk.

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