Low-key SEO Strategies Worth Trying Out

Underrated SEO Strategies That Would Give You an Edge

The world of SEO has become increasingly diverse and vast over the years, with numerous algorithm updates and strategies being developed on a consistent basis. While every SEO Professional has their own go-to strategy that is similarly practiced by their peers on a regular basis, they also search for underrated and low-key SEO Strategies that gives them an edge in keeping their rankings up.

With SEO becoming more competitive than ever, having extra tricks up your sleeve can prove to be very helpful in succeeding in your campaign. We at SEO Hacker have crafted some helpful SEO tips and tricks over the years, and we continue to make sure we find the best strategies and techniques that can not only help our team but SEO professionals and enthusiasts as well.

When it comes to looking for low-key strategies, there are times that it can be a challenge, while there are also times that it can be something that you might have overlooked in the past. Either way, these low-key SEO strategies have proven to be quite effective in creating a more efficient process, or even help you generate more traffic for your website. Here are some practices worth trying out.

Skyscraper content

While this may be the most popular among underrated SEO practices, this is still a strategy that not many people use. Skyscraper content is basically looking for high-performing content and create similar content that will perform better. While it may sound simple, creating quality competitive content is a lot of work to ensure that it ranks well.


To start creating your own skyscraper content, you first have to do some research and look for high performing competitor content. It is best if you use tools like Ahrefs to see how much traffic these posts are receiving on a regular basis. Ahrefs not only allows you to view the performance of various blog posts, but also look for similar content that performs well, and use them as a reference to craft a high-quality post.

There are many ways that you can improve on the content of your competitors, such as add infographics, ask insights from experts, create more detailed explanations, or even add video content as well. We have created a good number of skyscrapers for our clients over the past few months, and we can say that these were able to generate great results and gain traffic.

Content Transcription

We have covered content transcription in our YouTube SEO guide, where we discussed that it is one way to help your videos become more searchable. While this has been discussed in detail a good number of times, there are still a lot of users that do not transcribe their videos or podcasts. While transcription may take a good amount of time to accomplish, this allows your content to become more accessible to users, especially users who have visual and hearing impairments.

Content Transcription

Transcription also allows users to be able to use your content as sources for research work as well, as academic standards usually require their researchers to transcribe video and audio sources. This not only makes things easier for them but also turn your content into a legitimate and source that receives citations.

Transcription is also another way to optimize your content for voice search, which has become much bigger over the past year. Users and AI assistants would be able to make use of exact and phrased search terms that can help them access your content. With these AI-powered systems performing the search for you, it is best to make sure that they would be able to find you.

Translated Content

If you have a website that receives a high amount of traffic from outside the country, it is best to translate your own content to improve website accessibility and user experience. This is an important international SEO practice, as you would be able to connect with more users as they can understand your content. Having foreign language content also means that the use of hreflang tags are another essential practice, as it helps search engines understand different languages, and allows you to receive traffic from non-local search engines.

Foreign Search

Internal Linking

While this may be something that every SEO professional does on a regular basis, the type of internal linking that will generate the best amount of traffic will come from your best performing posts. Quality internal linking means linking high performing posts to your content, which users would be more interested in. One question that would pop up on your mind would be: “What about my low performing content?”

Linking your high performing content doesn’t mean that you should only link the best content available, but it could also be a great way to increase the traffic of low performing articles by linking them within the same content. Having high performing content as your internal link makes your post more authoritative, while also an avenue for your users to discover more content that would have been more challenging to access.

Key Takeaway

SEO is a diverse and highly competitive world filled with so many strategies that aim to get you on top and finding the best one to take you there is a journey that requires a lot of hard work and investment. With these low-key SEO strategies, you would be able to craft out advantages for your website that you would not have had before.

If you have questions and inquiries about SEO, leave a comment below and let’s talk.

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