Pitching in Backlink Outreach: The Best Ideas to Pitch To Webmasters

4 Backlink Outreach Ideas You Can Pitch To Webmasters

What to Pitch In Backlink Outreach?

If you have NEVER gotten replies for the hundreds or thousands of emails you have sent to webmasters, this guide is for you. Here is how we build backlinks effectively.

If you’re trying to jumpstart your SEO and looking for ways to do it, link building is surely something that has crossed your mind. The thing about it, though, is it’s not as easy as you want it to be. 

Link building is an SEO strategy to get other websites to link to your page. And it’s one of the most popular strategies out there because it works. Getting quality backlinks from authoritative websites is a significant factor if you want to rank competitively it sends positive authority signals to Google.

Getting backlinks is not something you can satisfyingly master the first time around. This is because most people can’t even get past one of the early, yet most important, stages of link building  – webmaster outreach. 

How do you do Backlink Outreach?

I previously provided a guide on how to start an outreach campaign. But, when it comes to link building, it’s crucial to have something to offer to the webmasters you’re reaching out to. Beyond a well-written email, you have to convince them why they should be linking to your page.

It’s also important to note that webmasters probably get a bunch of outreach emails every single day. This is why you should have something new and unique to bring to the table. At the end of the day, the question you should be asking yourself before you hit the send button to your outreach emails is: How can I add more value to this website?

If you’re struggling to figure out an answer to this question, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some content ideas that can bring a significant contribution to a webmaster’s site:

  1. Share Your Expert Roundups

    Expert roundups are commonly done to provide a comprehensive article to readers on a certain topic by gathering information from various sources. 

    There are usually two ways to do it. The first is to reach out to industry experts to share their insights, opinions, and/or experiences about or relating to your chosen topic. And the second is to do your own research and dig up the most valuable information you can find on the internet. Click here for a definitive guide to writing roundups like this

    This link building strategy makes your job a bit easier because you’re hitting two birds with one stone – you’re creating content for your website and prospecting webmasters to reach out to at the same time. 

    Two things you have to keep in mind when finding sources for your roundups: they have to be credible and active. This way, you’re giving reliable information to your readers. 

    Here’s a roundup article I wrote way back about SEO horror stories.

    4 Backlink Outreach Ideas You Can Pitch To Webmasters - Expert Roundups

    In the article, I reached out to other SEO professionals to know about their worst SEO experiences. Getting ten answers already gave me ten websites to link to and, potentially, ten backlinks as well.

    Taking this route also allows you to build new or strengthen existing partnerships with people in the industry. This makes link building opportunities continuously open for you.

  2. Offer Your Media Content

    One of the things that make a blog post engaging is good media content. Reading informational articles can be a bit intimidating for many people. Topics like SEO can be too technical which makes it hard to follow for beginners.

    What I usually do to make complicated information digestible is to make a visual representation of my discussion. Here’s an example of how I explained technical SEO with the use of an infographic

    Infographics are a reliable way to break down complex points into easy-to-follow images. It works best if you’re trying to discuss charts, statistics, flows, timelines, and other quantitative information.

    Here’s an infographic my team and I made to show the progression of Google’s algorithm updates throughout the years.

    4 Backlink Outreach Ideas You Can Pitch To Webmasters - Media Content (Infographics)

    When media content such as infographic serves a useful purpose to its readers, then it’s definitely worth sharing with webmasters. All you have to do is look for articles talking about the same or related topic; in this case, I’d look for those explaining or reviewing Google algorithm updates. Offer your existing media content to be added to their article to make their content more engaging. 

    Note that you can do this to any type of media. If you have a Youtube channel and have been posting good informational videos, you can also offer them to be used by webmasters. Getting a backlink and Youtube views at the same time is a win-win situation you should take, after all.

  3. Produce Reaction or Commentary Articles

    Do you know that more than 6 million blogs are being published daily? This means that millions of new content are being put out there for the world to see. You’re not gonna be able to read every single one of them, but some are gonna cause a buzz.

    For example, SEO is driven by content. So, there are countless SEO articles that I come across on a daily basis. Some of my favorite SEO-related content to read are experiments and case studies. I enjoy seeing how other SEO professionals figure out and refine strategies to make their websites rank better. 

    Now, what can you do with these types of content? You can either agree, disagree, or simply put their findings into practice to see if they work and react to them.

    I did this to one of the biggest marketing experts when I was writing about a guide to guest posting. Here’s a snippet:

    4 Backlink Outreach Ideas You Can Pitch To Webmasters - Reaction Articles

    Neil Patel often has some hot takes on digital marketing strategies and they make sense. In my article, I shared and agreed with Neil’s views on guest posting because, like him, I also have my fair share of successful guest posting experiences. It worked for him and so I and so it’s worth sharing with you, my reader, as well. 

  4. Make a Resource Article

    It’s always important to create informational content on your website and this is mostly true for SEO. If you’re producing content that is useful to your readers, you can gain valuable traffic to your website and make your expertise clearer to Google.

    With unique and insightful content, it will be easier for webmasters to link to your site because it will add value to theirs too. 

    Take this blog I wrote about fixing errors in Google Search Console’s Coverage tab as an example.

    4 Backlink Outreach Ideas You Can Pitch To Webmasters - Resource Article

    Google Search Console (GSC) is an essential tool in making sure that your website is being indexed properly by Google. It works by showing indexing errors and warning that certain pages are flagged for so you can fix them.

    There are different errors that cause a page to not be indexed by Google and some of these are technical, so I explained the common GSC errors one by one and shared how to fix them. 

    This is the type of content beginners are looking for when they start dealing with SEO. At the same time, this is the type of content that can act as supplemental information for other webmasters when they write about related topics. 

    This is what Semrush did for their article on conducting an SEO audit. 4 Backlink Outreach Ideas You Can Pitch To Webmasters - Resource Article

    When discussing how to find URLs excluded in Google’s indexing, they referred their readers to my blog to understand and learn about addressing problems in indexing.  

    If you’ve written blogs that are informational in nature, make sure that they’re accurate and accessible, then you can share them with webmasters to make their content richer.

Key Takeaway

Acquiring backlinks is not an easy job, especially if you want to get them from high-quality and authoritative websites. You might think that your chances for a quality backlink are low, especially if you’re just starting out. 

However, I would argue that what you’re pitching to webmasters is what makes or breaks an outreach campaign. From roundups to resource articles, providing solid content for webmasters to work with is a great start in backlink outreach. 

Do you have more backlink outreach ideas to share? Comment down below and share your experiences with them!


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