Domain Properties Update Now Available on Google Search Console

Domain Properties Update Now Available on Google Search Console

Google Search Console has received a number of updates over the past few months, with these updates giving the tool more functionality and introducing a new interface that is more user-friendly and organized. While an AMP crawl bug hampered the tool for a short time, Google Search Console in 2019 remains an essential SEO tool that works efficiently.

Speaking of updates, Search Console has received another update in the form of Domain Properties. Here’s what you need to know about this new update, and how it makes using Search Console much more efficient.

Domain Properties

One of the best features of Google Search Console is the ability to track and verify every version of your website, which comes in handy when identifying individual page performance and issues that need to be optimized. Despite having this feature, one of the issues was how the domains were organized and presented.

Listings were separate, which makes it challenging to navigate and track domains. Going around each domain can mean using the Search Property feature frequently just to find what you need. With the new Domain Properties update, your domain listings are now more organized than before.

Google Search Console Domain Properties

Each domain property within the same set of domains would be organized under one set in your list, making sure that each website that you own or handle would be accounted for. The best part is that Google Search Console will be able to automatically create new domain properties once you have DNS verification.

This allows you to segment your domain to specific sections, which is much easier to view and navigate. You also have the option to filter and change which domains would be tracked based on your preferences.

A Complete View

This update offers users with a complete view of their website data, whether it be from mobile domains, sites that have yet to migrate to HTTPS, and subdomains. This comes in handy when it comes to analyzing and reporting your data, as you no longer have to go through the long process of tracking manually.

Our Google Search Console contains a high number of domains that we track on a regular basis, making it an essential tool in our arsenal. Before the update, tracking individual subdomains and properties tend to be a real issue, as sending reports mean tracking specific parts of data that our clientele wishes to see.

Google Search Console Domain Properties 2

Thanks to the Domain Properties update, this process is much more efficient, allowing us to save even more time to perform more SEO tasks. The process is also easy to perform, as you only need to add a domain and have it verified.

Filtering can be done by going to Performance and add page filters that would prevent or allow the tracking of data you would need.

With this being a new update, user feedback from our end would help bring in more improvements for this feature and help make Search Console an even more effective tracking tool. Efficiency is the key to SEO success, and features like these are a welcoming sigh of relief that helps us make what we do that much better.

Key Takeaway

Domain Properties is a handy feature that makes Google Search Console more accessible and provides ways to maximize its functionality. Like many Google tools and platforms, Search Console will continue to receive a fair share of updates in the upcoming months, helping it become an even more effective SEO tool.

If you have questions and inquiries about Google Search Console or SEO in General, leave a comment below and let’s talk.

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