How Google Optimizes the 2018 FIFA World Cup

How Google Optimizes the 2018 FIFA World Cup

When it comes to Google search queries, some of the most search terms are related to sports, with basketball and association football (soccer for our American readers) being one of the most searched sports worldwide. This month, the 2018 FIFA World Cup kicks off in Russia, which aims to become the largest sports event of the year.

With some of the world’s best football players competing in the grandest stage of the sport, billions of people are expected to watch the games live and through their devices. The 2018 World Cup will not aim to become the most-watched sports event in the world, but it will also be the most-searched as well.

With this in mind, Google has launched new search features for the event itself, to provide users with some of the latest news, game scores, and top players of the World Cup. Here’s a quick look at how Google has optimized their services for the World Cup.

Google Doodle

To start things off, one of the first things that Google has done to celebrate the start of the 2018 World Cup is by creating a Google Doodle that marks the beginning of the event. The Doodle shows various fans from different parts of the world celebrating and cheering on the kick-off that another fan is about to do.

Google Doodle World Cup

Google Doodles have always been creative and interesting, celebrating important events and figures through art. The FIFA World Cup Doodle, in this case, is a wonderful representation of the world’s anticipation and excitement for the biggest sporting event of the year.

Google Search Optimized

Being one of the most-watched events in the world means that people would want to keep themselves updated on their favorite teams and players. With this, having all of these sources in one place makes following the World Cup much more convenient thanks to Google. By searching “World Cup 2018”, “FIFA World Cup”, or other similar terms, you would be able to access the World Cup snippet, which allows you to access information such as real-time scores, news, players, and brackets that help keep you updated.

Google World Cup Snippet

Another nifty feature from Google search is the score pin, which is making its debut this World Cup as well. This pin allows users to receive notifications on games and news while accessing other applications or web pages.

Google News

Android users can also experience the World Cup fever as well through their Google News app. Users can access the latest news and track every team in the competition using the World Cup tracker. The tracker allows you to quickly view team standings and upcoming matches. All you have to do is to pick a group or team to view their standings and matches, and then you’re set.


Google Assistant / Google Allo

Google Assistant and Google Allo have also been optimized for the 2018 World Cup, allowing users to ask Assistant on the latest news and upcoming fixtures. You can also access some handy World Cup trivia while you’re at it. You can also ask for some crucial data and stats to beef up your World Cup knowledge before and during the big event itself.

Google Allo World Cup

Google Allo World Cup 3

Google Trends

If you want to look for the latest search data leading up and during the World Cup, Google Trends has it in store for you, as they have their own World Cup section as well. The World Cup section allows you to see who are the most searched players across different countries, along with the most popular World Cup nations per country. You can also view trending keywords, and the most popular questions being asked about the World Cup as well.

Google Trends 2018 World Cup

Google Trends 2018 World Cup 2

Along with all of that, you also get some videos which show the insights from current and legendary footballers as well.

Google Trends 2018 World Cup 3

With the 2018 World Cup being watched by billions across the world, checking the latest trends has now been made easier using Google Trends.

Key Takeaway

The World Cup has always been one of the most watched sporting events in human history, with billions watching their favorite teams compete on the pitch. With the 2018 World Cup happening shortly, expect another spectacle of passion, talent, and resilience, and trending news and topics along the way.

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