Lesson #15: Slugs

No I’m not talking about the twin, unshelled cousin of snails. In the internet, what you see in your URL text area in your browser are called slugs.

Slugs Sample

Words to let you in

Slugs are don’t have much ranking factor for your site’s SEO. So why do I insist on discussing Slugs with you?

Factor in humanity

You don’t look at SEO in terms of numbers and measurements. Yes, that will help albeit a lot BUT in the end, SEO is all about humans. It’s all about bringing in the beef. It’s all about showing people what they want to see. Showing them what’s relevant.

SEO is more than just numbers and metrics and density.

SEO is an Art.

Your slugs add trust

How? Always remember that slugs appear in search results.

Slugs sample 2

In the image above, I used the keywords “Loving someone too much” as a query in Google (I highlighted the link just in case you’re interested in reading the article). As you can see, the search result displays the slugs explicitly on the bottom-most part of the snippet.

What if the webmaster decided to put a “Cheap leather bags and love” slug for that webpage? Would you think I’d click it? No I won’t. In fact I’d think it’s an unrelated result and a waste of my time (even if it really is related).

Keyword Existence

Your keywords must be existent in your slugs. It brings up your relevance and your trust in the eyes of searchers. Usually slugs are also made up of the page’s Title tag – due to the fact that your keywords MUST be on your title tag too.

Slugs without Stop Words

The snippet above is a good example of a slug without the stop words removed. That’s because I haven’t installed my SEO Slugs plugin yet during the time. Stop words are: a, what, how, are, is, and, or, etc… just to name a few (we’ve already covered that in a previous lesson).

In optimizing your slugs, removing stop words is a good idea because Google does not take them into account anyway. The shorter and more keyword-focused the slug is, the better.

Always remember that the main focus and goal of your slugs is for the search snippet to show trustworthy and relevant results to end-users. You want your slugs to be powerful carriers of your page’s keywords in order for people to change their mind into clicking your search result snippet.

So next time you’re writing out your slug, think of three things:

  • No stop Words
  • Keyword Focus
  • Snippet Result Relevance


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