Link Building Strategies: How do I do link building?

Link BuildingWe’ve talked about link building theories and do’s and don’ts – now we’ll start talking about the dirty work. Just how do you do link building? There are two ways you can do it: Organic and Artificial.

Links don’t grow on trees

Just in case you were wondering, that’s not what organic means. Organic linkbuilding or natural linkbuilding as some SEO specialists call it, is linkbuilding without using technical methods or methods that are manipulated and created automatically or artificially.

This can be done in several ways through several techniques. Some are:

  • Write great quality content
  • Blog about the latest news
  • Do social bookmarking
  • Write for Ezines
  • Give gifts

Links with strings

There’s also the artificial link building method which is more about manipulating the link building method. This method doesn’t wait for people to link to you – it’s essence is to build the links on your own and point it toward your website.

Some of the methods used in artificial linkbuilding are:

  • Link exchanges
  • Directory submission
  • Buying links
  • Forum posting
  • Blog commenting

These are some of the things you can do to build links. We’ll cover these two kinds of link building strategies thoroughly on the next two entries.

This entry is part of the SEO Hacker School series: Link Building Strategies

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  • Blog commenting would fetch you traffic as well as decrease your website alexa rank as well.. Two benefits with one go./.

  • @ ashish , Do you mean to say increase website alexa instead?.

    Of a truth the big G frowned seriously at artificial link building and they always target them for exclusion in their updates.

  • amit

    Blog commenting is most important way to get quality backlinks as well as huge traffic.
    I think @ Ashish is right here.We always count alexa rank downward.Lower the alexa rank means website is performing well over the web world.

    • Hi Amit,
      I don’t think it is the ‘most important’ way. In fact, I think it doesn’t do much – that’s why you have to do a lot of blog commenting before you improve PageRank.

  • Honestly blog commenting is only directly good for raising SERP rank when comments are “dofollow” links. “Nofollow” comment links are ONLY good for traffic and that’s only if you comment on a blog where readers are already actively engaging.

    So I would take it to another level and say divide blog comment link building into 2 categories:
    1) Comment for traffic if links are “nofollow” and
    2) Comment for improved SERP ranking if links are “dofollow”

    • Good insight Gerard :) nofollow links are still tracked by Yahoo and Bing though – and they do increase TrustRank

  • Yip let us not forget the TrustRank aspect. You know I once lost a contract because I refused to build just dofollow links for another SEO firm who wanted to outsource some link building to me.

  • Rajnish Anand

    Are no follow links of any use to the website ranking ? Do comments help the rankings ?

    • Nofollow links don’t help the rankings directly – but they do drive in traffic and still help increase TrustRank to some extent. Blog commenting are mostly nofollow – so you get the idea.

  • Anon

    I have read your post. You mention all the ways to get beck links, But I still have a question about blog commenting. Should I do blog commenting on “nofollow” blogs or not. I mean I have a new blog and I want to do back linking so what you suggest for me. I will be very thankful to you if you provide me your valuable advice.

    • Yes I would suggest that you should. Do it in a way that you really enjoy commenting on the blogs so that your comment would have meaning and enthusiasm. Make the backlink itself a second priority of this task. Nofollow backlinks from blogs still holds some value albeit small.

  • francisca

    Appreciate this post. Let me try it out.

  • Jhacky Torreon

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  • I’ve been debating buying links to help with SEO but I don’t know if that really works.. will I have to buy multiple link packages on different sites to see a definite increase in ranking?

    • Yeah you’d have to spend for really great links for that to happen. I don’t advise it since it’s against Google guidelines and your money will be for nothing if found out.

  • anees

    Hi! i m a beginner student for SEO and i’ve learnt a lot. Thank you so much for such information.

  • sharmeen

    Hi Sean!
    Can you write more on link exchange? I mean I’m not really sure how it works. Just to ask someone to link with my site? That doesn’t sound wise.

    • h3sean

      You’re right it’s not wise and I don’t recommend it either. You pretty much got the gist of it though – it usually starts with an email and you linking out first.

      • sharmeen

        Alright I get it! Thanks Sean!
        You’re doing a great job!