Merry Christmas from SEO Hacker!

Merry Christmas SEO HackersIn spirit of the wonderful holidays, SEO Hacker wishes you a Merry Christmas! The holidays are the best season to spend some quality time with your friends and family, and is also a great time to take a good break and enjoy some great food and presents. Along with the wonderful gifts and food, it is also a great time to look back at all of the work that you have done during the rest of the year and see how far you have come.

For us at SEO Hacker, 2017 was truly a year where we experienced a good amount of growth, along with some challenges that helped us reach heights that we have not experienced before. This helped set us up for a 2018 that will definitely big and eventful. While you’re taking a break and looking back at all of the SEO work that you have done, here is a holiday reading list of some of our most viewed posts.


SEO Holiday Checklist: Things You Need to do Before the Year Ends


Got your all of your SEO tasks ready for the holiday season? Here’s an article that will help you track down all of the things that you need to do to have your webpages prepared for the holiday season, along with other tasks that keep your SEO running until the end of the year.

Old Is Not Always Gold_Outdated SEO Strategies You Should No Longer Use

Old Is Not Always Gold: Outdated SEO Strategies You Should No Longer Use


With 2018 rolling around a few days from now, expect some of the newest SEO strategies to arrive once more. While preparing for that, here are some old SEO strategies that you should no longer use moving forward. Also in this article are new strategies that you should be using for your SEO.

SEO Summit 2017 Recap

SEO Summit 2017: A Recap


The 2017 SEO Summit was perhaps the largest SEO Summit to date, with some of the best SEO professionals present, along with an eager anticipating crowd excited to know more about SEO strategies, tips, and insights from them. This article shows some of the highlights of the event, along with some of the most important topics that were discussed.

Why You Need SEO: Value, Growth, and Strategy


As SEO continues to grow during each passing year, more and more business and websites would be able to make use of it to improve their rankings and visibility on the internet. Here is an article about why you would need SEO for your website and business, and what advantages and benefits that you would be able to gain from doing so. If you know SEO and what it can do, this is one article that will convince you even further.


How to Determine Low-Quality Pages on Your Site


Google has set a standard in which all pages in the internet will be assessed, which determines the website’s ranking and relevance. This article shows how you can assess page quality, and see what to do and what not to do to make your SEO strategies work.

SEO Summit 2017- The Journey Goes On-1

5 Pieces of SEO Advice You Should Ignore Immediately


SEO is diverse and has a lot of techniques and strategies that help make it work well. There are many pieces of advice that you can take to help bring you success when it comes to rankings, and this article is about advice that you should avoid in order to have good SEO.

Top 5 Strategies that Will Boost Your Website’s Conversion Rates


Conversion rate is one of the most important SEO metrics that would help you assess the success of your website. This article shows you the best strategies you can use to boost your conversion rates and have successful webpages.

These articles would definitely make you have a productive and enjoyable holiday while you assess all of the things you did for SEO.

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