Merry Christmas, SEO Hackers!

This holiday season, it’s a great opportunity to look back and be thankful for all the blessings you received this year. Although this is a time for feasts and gifts, it is also a chance to come up with strategies that will constantly reap results even until the next holidays. With that, I have written several articles on some tactics that can help you achieve that for your SEO. Take a look at this list of bite-sized strategies that will definitely help you gain online visibility.

I would like to thank the readers who have remained with us on our journey, those who never fail to be engaged with the content we generate. It makes me happy seeing everyone enjoy the blog, trust that there will be more relevant and informative articles to come. From our SEO family to yours, we wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Having a foolproof strategy in place can indeed help you have a jolly holiday, especially since you only need to implement it and you will immediately see significant SEO results in real-time. Here are some of the strategies that can help you achieve success:

How to Optimize Google’s Knowledge Graph for SEO


Optimizing knowledge graphs can go a long way when you are starting an SEO strategy. It may be one of the most overlooked SERP feature that you can optimize. The next time you are thinking of optimizing your content for Google, take a look at this blog post!

A Guide to Creating an SEO Strategy for Website Revamps and Migrations


Site migration can be a pain in the butt especially if it can hurt your SEO efforts without you knowing it. In order to prevent unnecessary surprises, you should check out this guide on what are the consequences of improper website migration and the steps on how you can optimize for it.

Questions to Ask Before Writing a Search Engine Optimized Blog Post


Blog posts are one of the essential ingredients that you can have for SEO. Generating and publishing content can help you climb up the rankings fast and it can empower your site to remain relevant for visitors. What are the tips on writing a powerhouse blog post? Check this article out!


Tracking Outbound Links with Google Tag Manager


Tracking outbound links is possible with your Google Tag Manager. This nifty little trick can help you make the most out of your links. If you are planning to have a link audit this holiday, then this is one of the strategies you should defnitely try out.

How to Get Google to Index Your Pages Faster


Have Google index your pages faster by following these simple steps. Simple as it may, this can make a huge difference in your effort to succeed in SEO. Although you have to work hard to make sure that the users and the algorithm can view you as a competitive force in the SERPs, this is a simple trick that can help you achieve results in a shorter period of time.

Key Takeaway

This Christmas reading list will be your best partner in welcoming the new year with cutting edge SEO strategies. Always remember that you should never stop thinking of ways for growth even if it’s the holidays.

Merry Christmas, leave a comment below and let’s talk about SEO!

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