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As a writer, we paint. We make sure that our words create visions in our reader’s minds. We play. We create art. Wordplay is one of a writer’s most important skills. In SEO Copywriting, that is tuned up a bit to Wordsmithing.

What’s the difference?

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Wordplay is a form of projecting amusement, interest, skill and information all at the same time to your audience. Take that and throw in search engine optimization knowledge, keyword prominence, proximity and density, title tag optimization, etc… It’s a whole new ball game.

Writers hate SEO

They really shouldn’t. I have a client who had a lot of writers and editors in their company. As I taught them SEO and on site optimization, you could just imagine how much they shoved ‘art’ and ‘wordplay’ in my throat. They are all about the quality of their art.

And I don’t blame them.

They should keep it wonderful and beautiful for their readers. All I’m saying is, take it up a notch. You’re writing for people – that’s an established fact. But if there are no people to read your stuff, then what’s the use of your beloved ‘art’?

Draw them in

Write to first draw the most interested people in reading your article. These people are already looking for your stuff and you don’t even know it! Missing out in getting them to read your article is a huge missed opportunity.

Train your content to look for its users. Being a Wordsmith is creating great content that can sniff out its own target audience.

Create and Innovate

Wordplay is all about how you outline and present your work to your audience. This is well and good and is an integral part even with writing on the web. Take that up a notch and create your own facts, charts, case studies, statistics – all derived from proper factual sources of course.

Being an SEO copywriter is not just about presenting something in a different light. It’s about presenting something in a fashion that is completely new and wonderful. The fact is, people say that there is nothing new anymore in the web. I disagree. I think that as we all have unique fingerprints, it means we can all present something in a unique way. Be a wordsmith. Create.

How you can be a Wordsmith

Start with a solid content strategy for your blog. Here’s a tutorial I’ve compiled to help you through your content strategy:

  1. Why is Content Strategy Important?
  2. Establishing your Content Identity
  3. Developing a User Centric Content Strategy
  4. Training your Content to Look for Users

And of course, for solid Wordsmithing, you can always opt to place your SEO knowledge in a sure foundation – be one of the SEO Hacker Insiders in SEO School now! It’s free.

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