Google Pixel 3: Looking at the SEO-Friendly Features

Google Pixel 3: Looking at the SEO-Friendly Features

The Google Pixel 3 is about to be released, and it surely is one of the most versatile smartphones in the market today. With one of the most powerful phone cameras around, and some new Google tools and features, the Pixel 3 offers many things worth taking a look. When it comes to Google and SEO, the Pixel 3 is perhaps the device that is best optimized for mobile search as well.

With the introduction of the Google Duplex and the integration of Google Lens into the phone camera, the Pixel 3 has enhanced functionality that makes mobile search much smoother and effective. Let’s take a look at some of these features.

Integrated Google Lens

Along with having one of the most powerful phone cameras in the market, the Pixel 3 is also an effective visual search tool. With Google Lens integration, users can instantly take a quick photo and search within a minute. Google Lens is one of the best visual search engines around, as it is able to provide more information and relevant content compared to similar search engines and having it as a default part of Pixel 3 makes it a very handy tool to have.

Personally, I can imagine becoming very useful in traveling to new places, as I only need to take a photo of a landmark or establishment to get more information about it. For example, Google Lens can analyze details such as numbers, menus, and signages, making it an effective local SEO tool in the right hands. This function is done through Google Lens Suggestions, a feature that enables your camera to do things more than take pictures and video. This is surely one of the features worth trying our first once people get their hands on the phone.

Google Duplex

First debuted in the Google I/O conference last May, Google Duplex is a sophisticated AI system that enables your device to be able to make and take phone calls without supervision. This application makes Google Assistant smarter and more versatile than ever before, it is can perform more tasks autonomously, allowing it to become a more full-fledged AI assistant.

Google Duplex

While the opinion on Google Duplex is mixed at best, this is surely an effective tool that improves your phone’s functionality and provides you with a helping hand on daily tasks and saves a good amount of time. I’ve been using Google Assistant for quite some time now, and I’m really interested in how well Google Duplex would be able to perform once it rolls out in November.

Google Assistant

Much like the previous Google devices, Google Pixel 3 is the best place to use Google Assistant, along with using Google Home for all of your smart home appliances. Pixel 3 users can now activate Google Assistant by squeezing the device or through voice activation. With the new updates coming to Google Assistant, your Google Home appliances can now be managed more smoothly, with new controls and sliders that help make your device a universal remote for all of your smart appliances.

Pixel 3 users would have no issues using Google Assistant on their devices and having the ability to quickly access the app makes it even more reliable than before. As Google continues the optimization of their AI technology, we might even see new functions and features in the near future as well.

Other features and peripherals

Google Pixel Stand

Along with SEO-friendly features, the Pixel 3 also has other notable features and peripherals that make it one of the most powerful and effective mobile devices. One peripheral that is immediately available during launch is the wireless charging pad, which enables users to charge their device without the need of plugging it in. Wireless charging has been a concept that has recently been applied by numerous tech companies, and Google’s version is just one of the many upcoming samples. Along with being to charge the Pixel 3, it is also able to replicate some features from Google Home once the device is attached.

Emailing using the Pixel 3 is now much more efficient, as users now have the Smart Compose feature. This has been available on Gmail for quite some time, and having it enabled makes replying to emails much faster. While this may be a minor feature, this definitely makes composing emails on “Shush” option, which enables users to mute all ringtones and notifications just by laying the phone face down. This is a handy privacy feature that comes in handy during meetings with colleagues or family.

Key Takeaway

Google Pixel 3 aims to become one of the smartest mobile phones around, offering diverse functionality, along with new tools that make mobile search a better experience. With Google optimizing their search for mobile, having a device like a Pixel 3 makes exploring mobile search a more optimized experience.

If you have questions and inquiries about mobile search and SEO in general, leave a comment below and let’s talk.

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