Linkbuilding Techniques: The 10 Ways to Outperform Your Competition and Enhance SEO Results

Linkbuilding Techniques

Lately I have been in the task of compiling link building techniques to share with all the readers of SEO Hacker. It’s not really ‘magic’ but it’s something you can do as a unique task against your competition.

We’ll be going through these link building techniques in the next few weeks here in SEO Hacker:

Link search is never easy – and don’t believe blog entries that tell you link search is easy. It’s not. Even when you get to find a link worth having, you’ll still have to negotiate with the webmaster in order to get it.

Linkbaiting is more an art than work. There are lots of linkbuilding techniques out there and people have asked me over and over again about which is the best one. Personally I’d say linkbaiting would be one of your best shots – if you have the knowledge and talent to make it work.

There are lots of ways to spy out a competitor’s moves in the internet marketing world. All websites are public. All websites are visible. Therefore all public activities of a website can be studied. One of those things are the backlinks of any website. And since you and your competitors are on the same playing field, why not try a little competition backlink trolling?

Contest are one of the most powerful and effective ways to attract people. That’s a simple fact. Who wouldn’t want a free iPad or iPhone? Knowing that, just how do you efficiently use it to attract links to your site?

Where you place your link in your website is one of the most overlooked linkbuilding techniques of SEO specialists today. The importance of where your link exists in a page is critical. So what do you need to know about link placements?

Broken Link Building is another technique that SEO specialists use discreetly – it’s also one of the helpful ones. Why not, when you’re trying to fix a webmaster’s broken link for him?

The web is getting better and better at serving users. There are so many websites transitioning to a web 2.0 model of user experience and functionality – and now there is what we call web 2.0 linkbuilding. It’s nothing too complicated – let me show you how.

I’m sure along your SEO journey,  you’ve most probably already encountered news release. This linkbuilding technique is usually a great way to attract links through other publishers and press release websites. And as you well know, other publishers and press release websites can generate a lot of buzz – and they usually have good PageRank juice to boot!

This is arguably the most powerful linkbuilding technique there is. Having great relationships around you to availably help you out in your linkbuilding efforts is a priceless arsenal to behold for any linkbuilder. The idea is simple.

Guest posting is a very powerful linkbuilding technique. Basically in a guest post, you have full control. You can direct the title tag, anchor text of your backlink, number of words, images, author bio, etc. Let me show you where you have to start.

We all know how important link building is in the world of SEO. It’s a big rave to get a link – especially if it’s one way and it’s from a reputable site.

Again, these are just link building techniques that you can use to set you apart from some of your competitors. They are not meant to work like magic. All these techniques require some hard work to some extent, of course.

There is no shortcut to link building and these techniques are not meant to be something to take you up high quick.

If you ask me, the best link building technique will always be to build great, quality content and accumulate solid readers who would be engaged with what you have to say. So much so that they would be compelled to link back whenever they write something relevant with what you had to say.

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