Mangools Google Chrome Extension Review

Mangools Google Chrome Extension Review

Mangools Online Tools is one of the more versatile SEO tools around, allowing us to perform a variety of tasks and functions that make it a great tool to use for our team. From keyword research, link building, and rank tracking, Mangools is a set of tools that offer reliability.

With Mangools offering this amount of versatility, another handy tool helps make it even more accessible and more user-friendly. Google Chrome extensions have become reliable tools for our team, especially due to their budget-friendly setup, and functionality that makes them work like light SEO tools. The new Mangools Google Chrome extension is one of these additions to this versatile set of tools that integrate well with its main tool. Here’s a look at what it can do, and how it helps Mangools become a more functional tool.

Starting up

To begin using the Mangools Google Chrome Extension, all you have to do is to sign-in to your Mangools account, and all of the features can be used. To begin using the tool, all you have to do is to go to a website and click on the tool icon.



The first part of this tool is the Overview, which allows you to see general page info such as domain authority, page authority, trust flow, and citation flow. Along with these, you also get to view the Alexa Rank, referring IPs, and the number of Facebook shares. You also have the option to show data for an individual web page, or for the domain itself.

This overview comes in handy, as it gives you an initial impression on the page or domain’s traffic. The ability to access the main tool with just a click is also a nice touch, as it instantly allows me to access the main tool at a moment’s notice.


The second part of the Chrome extension allows us to view backlinks for each website, which is essential for our link building efforts. This allows you to see the ratings for each link, allowing you to track down both high and low-quality links that may affect website traffic.


You can also instantly click and access these links, from which you can allow the Mangools extension to analyze a new domain. Having this ability helps you assess multiple websites more quickly, which makes looking our for domains and backlinks a more convenient task.

On-page SEO

Perhaps the most in-depth feature of the Mangools Chrome extension, this section allows you to provide a quick evaluation of your website. For starters, you can view the SERP presence to see how your domain would look like in Google’s search results, and search for header tags. This feature works in a way that reminds me of website audit tools such as Woorank and Google Lighthouse, as it provides you with a concise assessment of your website.

On page Keywords

You can also view keywords and page loading speeds in this section as well, along with possible suggestions to improve the performance of the latter. Lastly, the social part gives you a preview of how your website will look like when it is shared on Facebook or Twitter.

Overall, this section acts like a quick website audit tool, which means that you would not need to switch to different tools that often, allowing you to keep working on a single tool.

Rank Tracking

The last feature of the tool allows you to track keywords using the Mangools SERPWatcher. The Chrome extension will automatically track keywords that can be tracked, with the option of adding more after accessing SERPWatcher.

Having this tool allows me and our team to be able to see how well a website keyword is performing and know more about how users discover the website through search. This also helps you discover new keywords that may help you bring in more traffic.


Google Chrome extensions are small reliable tools that make doing SEO a much more efficient process. The Mangools Google Chrome Extension is one example of that, as it helps make certain processes much smoother, and allow us to do more in a single tool package. I’d definitely recommend getting a Mangools account, as it offers you a tool that performs a multitude of functions, along with an extension that allows you to be more efficient.

Key Takeaway

This new SEO tool offers nice functionality, and being a Google Chrome extension, this makes it very convenient for the rest of our team. Mangools Online Tools is a really nice SEO tool package, and one that is worth trying out.

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