How to Protect Your Paid Ads with TrafficGuard

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Click fraud is one of the most detrimental events that can affect your Google Ad performance. Pay per click marketing is a variety of online advertising that has well-cemented the many digital campaigns we have today. The capacity of online advertising a well-calculated option to help you get closer to your audience is something that businesses flock to in the hopes that it will help them win in their respective niches. Some people think that online ads are just for vanity and display, the numbers don’t lie when it comes to its benefit for the business. Check out the reasons why you should guard the traffic coming into your online ads.

Click Fraud Prevention

Eliminating click fraud on your pay-per-click (PPC) ads is not easy. How else can you distinguish which clicks are really coming from your customers and which are from bots that your competitors deployed to drain your ads budget? This act is more detrimental than you think because apart from increasing the cost of your advertising, you will also experience low conversion rates because the clicks that should have been for your customers are exploited by these unqualified clicks.

Steering clear from this black-hat technique will cost you a lot of time and effort. You have to fulfill the necessity of going the extra mile just to detect click fraud on your ads. According to WordStream, tracking click fraud requires you to get data before you confirm that there is such activity in your ads. First, you will need to track the IP addresses of those who are clicking on your ads, you should also extract the click and action timestamp, and the user agent responsible for those clicks.

User Acquisition Increase

Sponsored results do the trick of raising brand awareness, increasing conversions going into the site, and to serve as a channel to increase user acquisition. Although, SEM is not as perpetual as SEO, availing Google Ads for your business still cuts outs the best for you. It is a simple process that can lead to new opportunities for you. Having online advertising is a sustainable acquisition strategy that will help you in the long-run

Online advertising now evolves with the times simply because technology knows no bounds when it comes to treating a person as an audience. Achieving the top spot on the search results is a fruitful investment of which you should protect. This is why you should look into more opportunities to guard your advertising and how you can maintain its benefits for your business.

Quality Audience Engagement

You do not know each and every person who engages with your ads. Heck, you don’t explicitly know the identity of your target audience. You can only have an idea of who they are. Having a tool that can help you monitor the clicks going into your ads would make a difference in the campaigns you run.

Quality audience engagement goes without saying when you optimize your ads accordingly. An investment in a sophisticated Ad fraud protection will help you create ads with confidence and less time interpreting reports since you know that you have sufficiently removed those people who are not part of your route to success. Fraud tactics are ever-present but that doesn’t mean that you should be at the other end of their dark agendas. It can mutate into different versions but you have to know how to use big data to evolve with these bad actions.

TrafficGuard: Keep an Eye Out For Your Ads

With all these efforts and requirements for your online ads, you must be thinking how the hell am I going to do all this? It sounds like a lot of work, right? Fortunately, our friends over at TrafficGuard can help you drive growth and sustain your user acquisition from your online ads. I have decided to write about them today because I was impressed by their three-level protection for ads. Their process covers these levels:

  • Impression Level
  • Click Level
  • Event Level
  • Smart Algorithm Update

The tool works even at impression level when it detects early signs of fraud mitigation. Next, it can also monitor invalid clicks in real-time which is a consequence of ad stacking and bot traffic. Events level is for post-click conversions such as installs, sales, leads, and event data. For updates, the tool continues to evolve in each case that it encounters.

Try the tool by clicking here to see how powerful your online advertising can be if you care enough to guard it against dangerous black hat tactics.

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