A Look Into the Top Search Terms of 2018

A Look Into the Top Search Terms of 2018

2018 has been another busy year for Google, with new algorithm updates, new tools and services, and more innovative ways that help change the way we search. This year was also the year of some of the biggest news and events, all of which can be searched and found using Google.

As usual, billions of searches have been done through the search engine, which leads to a plethora of search terms that have become viral over the past few months. From some of the biggest sporting events to some of the most asked questions around, Google surely had a field day. Here is a look at some of the top search terms on Google Trends this 2018.

Question-based inquiries

The most popular search terms in Google usually start with a “how to” and “what is”, and this remains the same in 2018. Google has always been one of the first places where users ask the most questions and discover answers with just a few clicks. Based on Google Trends data, the top how to questions are “how to vote” and “how to register to vote”, which ties into another highly searched event, the 2018 elections in the United States.

What is Bitcoin

Other important how to search terms include “how to buy Bitcoin” and “how to turn off automatic updates”, which are mostly tech-based questions that are commonly asked by users around the world. For “what is” search queries, most of the queries were about defining key terms that have become popular over the year, such as “what is nationalism” and “what is Bitcoin”. These search queries show how important and effective Google is when it comes to question-based and exact search terms, and why websites across the world make use of these search terms to improve their traffic and search rankings.


2018 FIFA World Cup Google

Sporting events have always been viral every single year, but when massive events like the 2018 FIFA World Cup come around, even search engines have to optimize their search to be able to track games, news, and social media feeds in a single place. Google was able to do this for the World Cup, while also providing users a way to track results from events such as basketball, motorsport, American and association football, and much more. Using Google to follow sports events has become one of the most convenient methods of following them, and the upcoming months indicate that more will be done to make the experience even better than before.

Along with sporting events, sporting brands and athletes also maintain a good share of search, with some of the biggest brands and most popular athletes dominating online discussions on a regular basis. For standard retail and E-commerce websites, this is surely beneficial for business, as it would potential buyers discover these brands within their websites much easier. Social media has also played a huge part in increasing traffic to sports-related topics, as sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have been crucial in following sports events, establishing an athlete’s branding, or even expand the fanbase of certain sports teams. Sports is one of the best indicators that show how search has gone truly global, as you can see people from different parts of the world following these events in any form.


Personalities have also impacted search in a big way this 2018, with some of the most popular celebrities, politicians, and business figures dominating search. This also means that personal brands and websites are successful in gaining search traffic, which is great in SEO terms. Digital branding has grown to be one of the most important needs of various companies and organizations over the past few years, and thanks to successful SEO strategies, users are able to see the results through search queries.

Key Takeaway

The top search trends of 2018 give a great impression on how people search worldwide and help us see what their immediate needs and preferences are. 2019 will surely be another year of trending search queries worldwide, and with Google bringing out new updates and features in the fray, expect search to spread worldwide. If you have questions and inquiries about Google news and SEO in general, leave a comment below and let’s talk.


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