How User Comments in Google SERPS Affect the way we Search

How User Comments in Google SERPS Affect the way we Search

Searching in Google has become more personalized in the past few years, with the search engine ensuring that the user’s preferences would help adjust their search to their specific needs. User input and experience has become an increasingly important element in search, and this allows it to grow, as search engines understand how people search more and more.

Another step in this development is the introduction of user comments in Google SERPs. While the feature has only been introduced to sports events, this is a step that could lead to a new direction in how we do SEO. Here’s some key information about how user comments work, and how it affects the user search experience.

Why sports?

When it comes to topics that generate the highest amount of traffic on a regular basis, sports is one of them. From basketball, tennis, European and American football, and baseball, sports is one event that every country talks about. This also makes it the most searched on Google as well. One example of a viral sports event was the 2018 FIFA World Cup, where user SERP comments have seen a lot of activity.

User Comments

With this in mind, I can see why they began adding the feature in sports events, as it can provide a wide range of discussions and opinions on what they think of the event, and how can it be searched. These results also affect social media, creating viral posts, news, and campaigns that would allow more people to start discussions, allowing Google to learn more about its users.

How to add comments

After logging in to your user account you can search for different sporting events for any responses. The ability to add comments might still not be available in all regions yet, but it would be a feature that should be slowly integrated, and add comments through or using the mobile app. You can view all of your comments in your account page as well, allowing you into Google as a standard feature.

Add Comment

Effect on SEO

The user experience has affected SEO in many ways that affect traffic and presence, with responsive design and AMP allowing a more optimized experience in different platforms. Adding comments is somewhat similar to adding reviews, as it gives more users an idea of what their search results have to offer. In fact, having user activity might be an indication of high traffic, which can definitely affect SERP results.

User Comments 2

While this may only be present in sports events, I could see this becoming important for local SEO, as businesses would be able to get important user input and information about their service or products in a way that is different to a review. Allowing users to begin discussions on the search engine, would allow a more open atmosphere that makes communication possible.

The future of SEO is trending towards a more mobile-friendly approach enhances interactivity and brings in more portable functionality that brings in a new set of challenges. Adding features like comments would make search more personalized than before, providing more accurate results, and a new way to impact rankings.

Key Takeaway

User comments provide a different degree of interaction that encourages communication and possibly affect search rankings in the future. As Google continues to introduce new updates and features, SEO is bound to change in the next few years. This is just a simple new feature, but it has the opportunity to bring about new changes that focus on the user.

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