Serpstat: An In-depth Look

Serpstat: An In-depth Look

The SEO Hacker Toolbox contains some of the best SEO Tools available. Whether it be free or premium, we always ensure that we have the best tools that can help make our jobs much easier. We have covered a good number of these tools recently, which includes, Link Cheetah, Ahrefs, Mangools Online Tools, and even

Despite the amazing array of tools that we already have, we are always on the lookout for more tools that can optimize our services and generate better results. One of the latest tools that we have been trying out recently is Serpstat, which is another versatile SEO tool that enables us to monitor an array of data and statistics.

With that in mind, let’s see what Serpstat can do:

Setting up a Project

One of the first things that you can do in Serpstat is set up projects for each of the websites that you are handling. This makes it much easier to track each website and asses their performance. As an SEO company, we tend to handle a high number of clients on a regular basis, which makes this feature a very useful one.

SERPStat New Project

To add a project, all you have to do is to click “Add new project” and input the details, which include the website URL, name of the project, and the group where you want to place your project in. The process takes less than 5 minutes, and you can readily view data, such as SEO and PPC keywords, referring domain and pages, and be readily able to start a website audit. Another important feature is the option to track keyword rankings live, which ensures that you are able to keep watch of all of the keywords in your websites. These two features make Serpstat perform functions that SEO professionals have to purchase separate tools for.

Site Audit

Starting a site audit is as simple as starting a new project, all you have to do is to click “Start Audit” and set a limit to how many pages of your website will be audited, and set the scanning speed. Depending on your plan, you can audit hundreds of pages with a single click.

Serpstat Audit

The audit can take a while depending on the number of pages, but once done, it will look like this:

Serpstat Audit Results

You get a detailed set of data, that allows you to review and asses website performance, and check out important elements such as meta descriptions, title tags, H1 headers, and even duplicate content. As someone who was experienced in using website audit tools, I can say that the data presented by Serpstat is helpful when it comes to optimizing websites.

Serpstat Audit Results 2

Position Tracking

Position Tracking allows you to track down keyword rankings live, which is a very important feature that allows us to keep us on our toes when it comes to ranking fluctuations and algorithm updates.

Serpstat Position Tracking Information

To begin tracking, all you have to do is to input details such as the project name, competitors, the search engine you want to track, keywords, the length of time that you will be tracking, and where will you share this data. Serpstat provides search data from Google and Yandex, which makes this a good tool to use when tracking keywords for websites in Russia and their nearby neighbors that use the search engine.

For the keywords, Serpstat will automatically scan the list of keywords in your website, which makes it a quicker process compared to typing each one manually. Sharing allows you to select a specific number of people that can view the data, which provides more privacy and security.

Serpstat Position Tracking

After putting in all of the necessary information, you get to view a list of keywords and their position and volume. A nifty feature that I like is having the option to export data, which comes in handy when a client asks for a report on how their keywords are performing. Overall, the position tracking feature works well and allows us to track rankings in a single place without the need to switch to other tools.

Website and Domain Analysis

Website and Domain analysis provide a look into a variety of data and statistics that indicate how well your website is performing. You can view a summary of all of this data in the overview page, which is quite detailed yet concise enough to be able to get a general impression.

SERPStat Overview

The overview presents initial data such as search traffic, organic keywords, and a list of keyword positions and volume.

Keyword Research

 Serpstat Keyword Position Distribution

Next is the keyword position distribution, which shows the average position of keywords. This helps visualize how well your keywords are performing.

Visibility Trend

The next important statistic is the Visibility Trend, which is a visual indicator of how much your web pages show up in search results pages. To summarize this, the higher the trend, the better the visibility.

Serpstat Keywords Trend

Next up is the Keywords Trend, which shows your domain’s keyword pool history. This shows how many possible keywords can lead to your website. Since our website talks about new trends and strategies in SEO, it is evident that new keywords and search terms just keeps expanding.

Serpstat Pages With Highest Visibility

Pages with the highest visibility show you pages that get searched and seen the most. This helps you see pages that perform the best, which helps you analyze further on what makes them gain that amount of traffic.

Competitor Analysis

You can also view your competitors through organic search, search graphs, and even through ads. This helps you see how well your website is performing compared to your closest competitors. This really comes in handy, as we have clients in very competitive industries aiming to outdo one another. Being able to see their data helps in giving us the edge when it comes to crafting quality strategies.

Backlinks Analysis

Serpstat Backlinks Analysis

Along with website audit and keyword research features, Serpstat also allows you to track backlinks within your website. This allows you to view the amount of referring domains and pages, track the amount of new and lost backlinks, and even view the most frequently used anchor texts.

This adds yet another new dimension to the already versatile tool, as you have a link building tool that helps monitor backlinks with efficiency and ensures that you don’t miss any of your links.

Rank Tracker

Serpstat Rank Tracker

The last important feature is Rank Tracker, which provides you an in-depth look into the positions of your keywords. This is a more detailed look at the position tracking feature and allows you to look into the history and even the keywords of your competitors. You also have the option of tracking the performance of your landing pages as well. Once again, a solid feature that makes this tool even more versatile. However, it does share the market for best rank trackers with SERanking and Accuranker. We did a review of SERanking while there’s a great review of Accuranker from Tobias Hyldeborg.


Functionality and versatility are elements that help create a quality SEO tool, and Serpstat definitely has both. With a variety of functions that help us make work more efficient, it is definitely a great addition to our SEO toolbox. This is a toll that we will surely recommend to SEO newcomers and professionals alike, as it has the right features that make it work well.

Key Takeaway

Once again, we have found another helpful and versatile tool that makes our SEO much more effective. Tools like Serpstat prove that a tool can be simple in design and purpose yet be effective at the same time.

If you have questions and inquiries about SEO tools and SEO in general, leave a comment below and let’s talk.

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