Why White Hat SEO is the Way to go

White HatDuring some of my talks, before I go up on stage, I would often chat with some of my audiences. And some of them would tell me “so you’re responsible for all the spam in the web!” Big misunderstanding.

There are different kinds of SEO practitioners. But for now I’ll be splitting them into two categories: White hat SEOs and Spammers.

Spammers A.K.A. Black Hat SEOs

They’re the ones you see spreading all the unrelated comments with the unrelated links in them. These guys don’t give a damn about your website, blogsite, forum, community, etc. They just care about spreading their links around the web and getting linkjuice for themselves.

These are guys that you don’t want around. Hopefully Google’s spam team sooner or later eliminates the methods exploited by spammers. Google Caffeine is actually a big boost in Google’s spam control. I’ve seen it work fast and work well in ranking down/penalizing sites who hire spammers as their SEOs.

White hat SEOs

These guys are all about brand loyalty and human art. They make sure that they take care of their search engine rankings by avoiding spam so as not to be penalized. They make the web a place for people by working their backs off to create good, quality content that people need. They do things the hard way to reap out genuine, long-term benefits.

White Hat SEOs participate in forums, social networks, blogs as real people in real ways with real information. We work ourselves out to make sure the search engine give out results for which it was made for – real people.

Just as how get-rich-quick schemes will get you poor quick too, there is no get-to-first-page-in-google-quick way. There’s only the spammer way which will get found out and penalized sooner or later. And if they do get found out, the companies who hired them will reap out the consequences by being banned, penalized, ranked down, etc…

So you see, hiring spammers will get you nowhere in the long run. And if you’re a company building your online presence, you want nothing more than the long run results. Internet marketing isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.

And so to answer all the audiences I had in my talks, if you don’t already know, I am a White Hat SEO Specialist.

Tips for Keeps: I advise you to pursue White Hat SEO too. There is no future in being a spammer. None.

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  • e-ern

    YaH RIGHT! I like this one.. nice post!

    • Thanks ern

    • Bob

      What you are saying is very true! White hat type seo is the only way to go. Google and the other search engines will reward hard work and ethical seo practices in the long-term.


  • zamiel zukie

    Thank You for sharing…

  • melvin

    this information helps allot thank you very much and i want to learn more from you..

    • I hope you'll learn more from this blog too Melvin

  • Anna

    I disagree. Both White hat and Black hat are doing spams. And to be honest, there's no White hat nor Black hat SEO. Everything you do in the internet world is a matter of RESPECT. There's no strategy and authority.

    • I would like to agree with you Anna. But the reality of it all is that there is white and black hat SEOs. They exist and there is a reason why they are separated into two categories. There will always be a strategy and there will always be authority too. That's what we're paid for.

  • Aristotle

    I'm also a Pro White hat, i don't want to be known as spammer i used some of your informations for SEO and for doing it right and patience one of the site of my client are now top of the rank in google web and google maps. Thanks for your post.

    • I'm happy for your success Aristotle!
      Glad you picked up some things in this blogsite to help you out on your career. Keep up the good work as a White hat practitioner. Keep me posted

  • It's hard to resist the dark force, I've been practicing white/black hat SEO's for more than 3 yrs now and from my experience, combine BH+WH rules. Some client still looking for BH for faster results.

    Google caffeine love spam very much. Blackhat is not only about spamming..

    • True not all BH method is Spamming. But all BH methods are frowned upon by the SEO community because it is always somewhat damaging. That's why it's called BH :)

      Really Google caffeine loves spam? How so?
      From my experience, spammers were penalized faster due to caffeine's vigilance

      • you will only penalized if you build link faster, and if someone reported your site ; )

  • True.
    Also if somehow, some way Google spider finds out about some of the black hat practices you're doing such as cloaking, keyword hiding, keyword stuffing, etc… Then they'll penalize you too

  • jun


    I like your article and have enrolled in your free course.

    I'm just a newbie trying to understand SEO more. May I ask if you can recommend links that I can go check out and learn? Something really very basic, as in "An Idiot's Guide to SEO" stuff?

    Most of all, happy to learn that your are also a disciple of Jesus, God bless you!

    • Hello Jun!
      Yep saw your enrollment! I emailed you regarding your first and last name there. You can enroll in SEObook's 7 day to SEO success course. I've always trusted SEObook as a resource for SEO Learning – though I haven't tried the course yet myself. I believe they teach the basics there too. They don't have an outline though so I'm not so sure about what they're gonna give you.
      Yep! Proud to be! I'm sure you are as well :) God bless you too Jun

  • I am going to show this post to my clients to proove that seo is not a one month task if they want to come on top they should beleive in marathon not 100 mtrs race … I would say this is not for seo masters but this for clients who want us to do spamming …

    • Do that. It's hard to convince stingy, cheapskates clients. They should allot money for SEO and internetmarketing nowadays.

  • Agree with you Sean! Black Hat is never good for a long term strategy because in the end Googlebot catches up with people who play 'dirty'… that little bot is too smart! I use White Hat techniques and Googlebot rewards me and my clients for playing the game honestly. Why run the risk of Black Hat when it takes the same amount of energy & time to play fair, and get more long-term results? In the big picture it just doesn't make sense. Keep up the good work dude! Meri :-)

    • Hey Meri!

      Yep yep!
      The little bot gets smarter as the Google engineers make changes. It also gets faster as technology improves. So black hatters would have to race with the engineers for innovation and cunning.

      • Global Nomad

        I think it is also the responsibility of the SEO company/consultant to inform as well as “enlighten” its clients that short-term (1-month) SEO programs do not do any good for their brand/product — even if they claim that they don’t have the budget to launch. If you think it won’t work based on your expertise as a consultant, then don’t accept the job! You will do the industry as well as your current and future clients a REALLY BIG FAVOR!

  • Nebseo

    Nice Post ! totally agreed with you!

  • Thanks for the great article.White hat is the way too go
    and it workes.

  • Great post! I think more clients should read stuff like this to see things in ‘black and ‘white’. :) The post reminded of email junk folders. I just about never see spam (since algorithm improved), so let’s hope a few years from now black hat spam will be minimized and not tolerated as much.

    • Thanks Penny,
      It’s a sure thing that black hatters would find it harder and more expensive to practice their craft :) Google’s making it much harder to be a black hat nowadays.

  • well said! this article show what white hats can do.. the pros and cons of being a white hat! :)

  • Nenad

    Think as a Black Hat – act as a White Hat. That’s nice combo ;)

  • great blog. very imformative. since high school im obsessed in computers. now i want to turn it to another level. i want to know about SEO. gusto ko matuto nito pangarap ko kasi magkaroon ng sariling website

    • Hey Philip,
      I can see that you already have your own site in blogspot :) that’s a good thing

  • thanks kuya. mejo hirap ako sa english pero nagprapractice naman ako. i want to ask if free backlinks is type of blackhat method

    • Well it depends if you’re using an automated tool to get those backlinks for you. There are a lot of ways to get free backlinks. The question is, what is the method you use to get ’em?

  • there’s a website that use auto post on forums. it posts thread on forums but it looks like a spam because its forum posts only contains few words and my link.

  • The person before me used spun articles to raise rankings and other black hat practices before Google even had Panda. This gave my boss the idea that you just make a bunch of articles stuffed with keywords and you would get on page one for google! I had my work cut out for me but after using White Hat techniques for several months our ratings are better and have continued to improve! Thanks for all your informative articles on behalf of all of us small-time SEOs, you’ve helped us more than you know!

  • Anil

    There has always been a lot of controversy about black hat verses white hat tactics . The black hat tactics are those strategies that try to deceive the search engines and people by spamming the search engines with irrelevant content. The white hat tactics are the authentic and organic online marketing strategies that bring relevant information to the human eyes. Real businesses and brands will capitalize greatly on white hat SEO tactics because of many benefits like it costs less money, building relationships and multiple revenue streams, and many more.

  • White Hat Seo is the best! I am just curious of the new update called penguin, how does this update affected the white hat SEO? if yes, what will happen to white hat?

  • Jack

    Strange blog name for a WH :)
    Why SEO Hacker? :)

    • Branding – the name easily sticks. Plus, I like the word ‘hacker’

  • Yeah sean you are right black hat seo is not going to take us anywhere. White hat is the best way. Thank you for sharing. Nice Post.
    Bets Regards
    Bibek Bohidar

  • Thanks for sharing, White Hat SEO is the best.