Yes we Can! Says the White Hat SEO Hacker

Building links is one of the toughest parts of SEO. Being a blogger for some time, I know how tough it is to just get your content out there and let people create buzz out of it. If you’re a black hatter, you’re most probably building links by yourself through doorway pages or comment spamming. But if you’re a white hatter, what now?

I say, yes we can!

White hatters can create links too!

Just listen to my good friend Matt Cutts say it all. Watch this video.

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  • very nice video, inspires me to create an interesting blog

  • That seems like a whole lot of work to me!

    JK – Matt makes some very good points. I have had success with all of the options he listed. More importantly though, I find the best way to build links “white hat style” is through building relationships. In fact, I just secured over 2,000 links for one client site because of a relationship I had with a directory owner who appreciated me so much, he offered a “partner link” to any site I wanted. So do good for others without expecting anything in return…it pays off!

    • Couldn’t agree with you more Mike :)

    • Problem is, the 2000 links you have acquired could be used against your client. Chances are that Google might see the links as unnatural. Even if you haven’t paid for them, there’s no way Google will know that they are not paid. In the end, the white hat strategy that you think that is, can be interpreted by Google as blackhat. I agree though that establishing relationships with bloggers/webmasters give you a great opportunity to acquire free backlinks.